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From member :iconlucratanexarii:  

Greetings LaSirenOfEire, and all others.

First, great news! Tron: Uprising has been entered into the Voting phase! Support Tron: Uprising here:…

A Compendium: our Uprising!
We must be organized, resilient, and vigilant!

The ways to support Tron: Uprising are numerous, this is intended as a listing of how you can help! We all stand together in this, both as individuals, and together, with one voice! This intro is divided into three sections - Collective, Individual, and Financial.

As the artists of DeviantArt, we must use our creativity and spirit to inspire others, and reach out in new directions.

Collective: Standing together - There are many petitions for Tron: Uprising, and each one adds to the growing list of supporters, and many have great entries and admiration for Tron: Uprising!
If you haven't, get to them here:…………

Of course, the 'Show Must Go On' support!…

In a busy world, it's difficult to coordinate larger projects - but if we're innovative, and there are those among us with skills, time, and effort, we can make great things happen! In the end, it's our memories we share and moments that we create for ourselves that matter!

Do you have ideas? Suggest them in the Comments!

I've had a few ideas myself: books to be sent from fan-to-fan, penned with their thoughts of anything of Tron and Uprising, then to Disney; canvas paintings, backed with collaged messages, emails, Tweets from fans, and sent to Disney. Also, handheld slide-projector units of 'Tron Lives!' and Tron: Uprising support, sent from fan-to-fan, for images to gather and garner awareness. The list goes on...

Individual: Standing alone - Never underestimate your ability to contribute! Disney has many channels of communication. Let them hear your response to their treatment of Tron: Uprising via Twitter and email, and let them hear often!

We may not be able to throw discs, but we can send letters! In an age of digital media, hand-written letters have become scarce - but all the more strong in how they stand for a person's conviction! Disney can be reached at many addresses, though the main ones myself and other fans have been sending letters to at the start of each month, every month, to are here:

The Disney Channel
3800 W. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91505

And here:

Disney XD
Brookfield Place
181 Bay Street, PO Box 787
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 2T3

I also made a printable header and background for letters, both to add some visual strength to a hand-written piece, and as a gesture and sign of unity among fans! It can be found here (you might have to adjust your printer's settings):…

Pour out your thoughts, let them know your mind and spirit, and how much Tron means to you! Including a printed transcript in formal layout of your letter is also courteous.

Financial: Burn bright! - It's a sad fact that it's greed that might be the noose dragging Tron: Uprising back into the shadows, and our Hero of the Grid along with it! We want to hear his tale complete! ... And, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire: their smouldering greed, versus each luminous bit of support all of us show!

Go to iTunes for Volume 1:… and Volume 2:…

Amazon features individual episodes, or a season pass:…

Watch here for when has Tron: Uprising's support entry open for financial contribution! This might be our chance to drive an edge of insight and some clarity into the status of Tron: Uprising!

Always remember: we are the fans, we are the true lifeblood of the Grid! The tales of the Grid are our guiding beacon, and creativity arcs amid us, lighting new inspiration, desire, and potential!

Never forget: Tron is the Hero of the Grid, he fought and secured the way with resolution and self-sacrifice!

:iconuprisingtronlivesplz:Tron Lives!


Greetings Siren, Silver, and others.

I had recently been made aware of an organization which is rather like Kickstarter, offering a chance for it's agents to advocate for the restoration and continuation of cancelled shows, or at least more information on the circumstances surrounding their current status.

This is 'Show Must Go On."

Tron: Uprising is not on it's official Vote-phase support list, so we must suggest it here:

When it reaches past the Voting phase, anyone who is able has the opportunity to provide a concrete financial backing to the effort. In a world where the shadow of greed has loomed over Tron: Uprising, it's a chance to fight back with some force of our own, and possibly liberate some information over why Tron: Uprising has been dragged back to the darkness, unacknowledged.

Thank you for your time, and good luck!

Tron Lives!


Watch this space- as we find more information about the fate of Uprising and how to affect it we'll let you know. Any and all contributions welcomed! :D

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April 8, 2013


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