Uprising Cancelled - Petition to bring it back!
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Published: January 10, 2013
Edit: We are almost to the 500 signature mark! Good work, programs! Let's shoot for 1000+!
Some other things you can do to help:
If you have twitter, tweet @DisneyPR and voice your concerns about the cancellations!
If you're cool with phones or email, go here for the phone number where you can leave a 60-second message or get the appropriate email address to send a message to.


Hey all,

As many of you might be aware, a second season for TRON: Uprising has not been signed on for 2013. The original planned episodes will continue airing until the finale on January 21st, but after that, no more TRON. :c

Uprising is an incredible venture in animation and artistic design-- I think many of us have never seen anything quite like it-- and to see it tossed aside like this is a tragedy. Many fans have come raging out of the woodwork and even people who worked on Uprising have spoken up; none of us think this is fair and we need our voices to be heard.

There's a petition with promising numbers so far that you can sign to bring both Uprising AND Motorcity, another astonishingly creative toon, back to Disney XD: www.change.org/petitions/disne…

So far it's got about 240 signatures, but I know there are a TON of fans out there that would love to sign it. Please spread the word as far as you can, to Tron and Motorcity fans alike. Disney XD thinks there isn't enough viewership and we need to prove them wrong. We need to tell them that ditching revolutionary shows like this is NOT the way to gain fans.

Don't let the revolution end before it has the chance to start.
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GryphoniaHobbyist General Artist

I CANNOT. WILL NOT. Believe IT! They cannot cancel the show! I GOT INTO TRON FOR GOOD BECAUSE OF IT! D:

A 12 am slot? Seriously? For a new show? :jawdrop:

BTW, guys, I came here to share the link for the petition, and guess you already posted the announced. You are officially my favourate club of teh day! :dance:
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Willowwolf23Student General Artist
Signed! TRON LIVES. 980 now!! Come on, programs! Let's hit 1,000!
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kids these days!
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tetsigawindHobbyist General Artist
I Signed
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VexxsteinHobbyist General Artist
No way!! They can't cancel Uprising!!! :(
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dmf0Professional Digital Artist
its the only cartoon that still matters to watch.
amazing design and expansion beyond the movie.
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Inside-Joke Digital Artist
This is my problem with Disney X D : they seem to LOVE running their own shows into the ground. They did this to Motorcity too, and that show is quite a gem.

It doesn't help when they keep changing the time slots, and I cannot find a schedule for outside the U.S.
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DracunnumHobbyist General Artist
Signed !
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PockyGurl14 General Artist
Nooooo!!!! Why....? :iconcronacryplz:

Well at least there's Gravity Falls...
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KabukinsStudent Digital Artist
Gravity Falls is on hiatus. No one's sure when it will be back, apparently. :(
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PockyGurl14 General Artist
oh... :iconcronacryplz:
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