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Conky Rings - Revamped




I liked this conky theme a lot, but it looked a bit too cluttered to me. So I modified it to make it look more minimal and modern. My CPU has 4 cores (like most modern CPUs), so changed that too.

The theme requires conky-lua. Install it first. Also, download and install Santana font.

Read the README given with the zip file for more instructions. I have also included some wallpapers that you could use with this theme.
Enjoy, and please let me know how you like this theme. :)

Feel free to experiment with it and share the results!


My modifications to the original theme:
    - Made it look even more minimal.
    - Added 4 cpu bars instead of 2, since many modern CPUs now have four cores. Thickened the battery and RAM
      bars to give it a consistent look.
    - CPU and memory conkys now show 4 items instead of 3.
    - Reduced the size of clock hands.
    - Added labels "Home" and "Root" to the space indicator.
    - Removed minute and hour rings to make it look less cluttered.
    - Removed the battery percentage level indicator, since the method it followed is deprecated in the recent
      kernel versions.
    - Fixed the repeated "conky: unknown variable" error in the console upon execution of the script
    - Improved the "notes" conky a lot. Added a label "TO-DO" to it, and now it shows the number of items you have
      in your to-do list (~/notes.txt).
    - Removed the Gmail has apparently blocked such scripts since they're not secure enough.
    - Moved everything in "~/.Conky", so no need of creating two different folders.
    - A few more minor changes in font and positioning that I will probably remember after I've uploaded it. :D

My setup:
Arch Linux with XFCE. Using Numix icon theme. Plank as dock. Compton as the default compositor.
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can someone convert this to newer conky version?