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The Lost Continent

"And so we floated through the halls of a civilization older and grander than Egypt or Rome, a flickering flame extinguished in a single night, and we were reminded of the fragility of human existence, how little we knew. The great kingdom of Mu, lost beneath the clashes of giants, the wrath of nature's creations trampling forth on Man's meagre accomplishments, be it a tidal wave, a hurricane, or a Godzilla. Time and time again, the illusion of grandeur we hold for ourselves is shattered by history, by time, by forces we attempt to control that turn against us.

The people of Mu, as it was recorded, had conquered nearly all points of the Pacific. Only the shores of the mythic Skull Lands were said to be barred from them. But even they were not invincible, and now their mere existence was nearly forgotten by the world, gone to the earth. Victims of their own pride and carelessness. Now knowledge on the grandeur of their existence, their culture, their conquests are dwarfed by the consequences of their catastrophic demise. Their lands reclaimed by the monsters they once saw themselves above.

It remains to be seen if we may learn from what the past has taught us and be spared the same fate.

- Excerpt from notes of Monarch consultant Steven Martin, "Before the Gods" (1985)
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I recognize the Eaton and the new scylla, but what could the flying creature be? Kinda looks like a swamp wing, tho barely

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Pulp fiction is so nostalgic

like the lovecraftian look.

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Absolutely amazing, do you think you could do King Ghidorah next?

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Ghidorah is obviously on the list. Whats a godzilla universe without ghidorah

Puedo sentir la majestuosidad en esta imagen caballeros;Esto es literalmente una obra de arte,espero algun dia dibujar como usted señor TrollMan,

Saludos desde El Salvador.

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I wonder how in-universe Thor Heyerdahl would treat this discovery

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I am sensing megalon in the near future

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steve motherfucking martin
malevouvenator's avatar

I notice a small ammonite like scylla :P

Very cool pic, I love the different beasties prowling in the ruins.

how long until "the one who is many" returns?

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Some joe named Churchward write at length about alleged idols and artifacts relat8ng to Mu and its satellite colonies - Mayapan, Atlantis, even the Uighur empire, all wildly exaggerated in age.

He also wrote about alleged geological processes on moumtain building and a link bet that and volcanoes

I was deceived for a time, but now ...

He;d have you think that every brick symbolized Mu

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Beautiful and evocative

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I assume that carving is Anguirus. Nothing else it could really be, could it.

The statue of Majin Tuol is a good catch though, wasn't aware of that until now.

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The one where scylla is standing on
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