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Snuff Snuffed

A young snuffalo, separated from his herd, is savagely mauled by a pack of predatory butcherraptors. This yearling is already nearly two-hundred pounds in weight, more than twice the mass of all his attackers put together, but this is the only real advantage he has over the smaller avians. The butcherraptors are much faster, more agile, intelligent, and have strength in both persistence and cooperative numbers; without the protection of the family group his death is assured.

The group will work to continuously wear down the much larger prey animal, using their wings and aggressive pecking to herd him away from the adults, ripping and tearing at his flesh until he finally weakens and dies. This process may take several hours or even days, but it's worth the effort if they succeed, for the carcass of a single snuffalo (of even a juvenile) can feed them for over a month.


Art for two species from Serina's Kyran Islands which lived during the Late Tempuscene (40 MYH), the strange tripedal snuffalo, an early megafaunal offshoot of the soft-billed birds, the line that would eventually lead to the tentacled birds that come to populate the moon's later periods, and the vicious butcherraptors, a near-flightless bird-of-prey species which evolved from ancestral shriekers that arrived on the archipelago relatively recently, adapting to hunt the isle's big game.
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What an amazing sense of storytelling in a single picture! I really love the dynamic way you pictured the butcherraptors and made them truly feel like vicious and ruthless predators!

The snuffalo also feels like it has a lot of weight and character to it!

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Poor Snuffy...

Kingofallkongs's avatar

The butcherraptor has DEFINITELY earned its name!

SonicCaleritas's avatar
Great work as usual :)
RandomZookster's avatar

Swiggity swoogity, dem' Butcherraptors coming for that Snuffalo booty!

Adam-the-axolotl's avatar
Even with its keen nose it couldn’t evade them
Inmyarmsinmyarms's avatar

Reminds me of a concept I had for a pack of enantiornithes mailing a giant hippo-like (but bipedal) duck.

MugenSeiRyuu's avatar

"Because Butcherraptor's a pack hunter, you see, he uses coordinated attack patterns and he is out in force today."

SkyPotatoFire's avatar

Do they hunt in packs like wolves or otters?

Inmyarmsinmyarms's avatar
TuxedoSuchomimus's avatar

If you had literally just read the first line of the text ...

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eightleggedfiend's avatar

I can't believe Greg is dead

man-of-mars's avatar

Gregs not dead yet

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