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Folly of Man: Super-X

First Sighting:
Size: 118 metres in length
Weight: 49 000 tonnes

History: Repeated kaiju attacks around the world throughout the mid 20th century had proven again and again that the mechanisms of mankind were scarcely equipped to counter such natural calamities. Only the most powerful weapons of the modern age were even able to harm them at all, and not without serious collateral damage. As more and more emerged from the depths of the Earth, the abyss of the sea, or humanity’s own tampering, in secret facilities and compounds across the world, nations were creating devices which could allow men to bring down gods. A new breed of weaponry had emerged, as for the first time mankind had an enemy to fight that was not their own. On the forefront of developing anti-kaiju technology was G-Force, born from a nation which had been the first to be devastated by kaiju attack. During the later Mogela attack, G-Force technology proved vital in piercing the creature’s armour plating and killing it. This would be a great boon to them, as the government poured additional funding into further research and development, culminating in the Maser Cannons, which again were seen to be effective against kaiju when field tested during a multi-kaiju event in South America.

But the Masers were simply a warmup towards their greatest project yet, an aquatic super-weapon able to patrol Japan’s coast and capable of killing even the toughest kaiju, at least, in theory. When Godzilla re-emerged after some thirty-plus years, G-Force finally unveiled this mega-project of theirs, an amphibious battleship armed with the most advanced anti-kaiju weaponry on Earth, equal to an entire armada on its own and more than a decade in the making: the Super-X. Declaring Godzilla to be a international threat, the Super-X was launched to track down and destroy this organism while it was still vulnerable, as the American Pacific fleet was also regrouping to do the same. Following the trail left by the wounded kaiju, they were prepared to scour the Earth for this nemesis. A few of Monarch’s personnel were allowed to be onboard to document the potential findings of the G-Force fleet (in exchange for any possible information on this new form of Godzilla). And eventually, after several days at sea, the ship did encounter an incredible discovery. As the ship entered a volcanic fog bank, emerging from the steam and thousands of miles from any continents were the unmistakable spires of manmade origin, towering hundreds of feet high jutting right out of the sea.

One of the consequences of scouring the farthest and most illogical corners of human history in Monarch’s global expeditions in the search for monsters was the inevitable discoveries of things Man had left buried from its darkest past. The recognition that a second layer of human prosperity had developed before the recognized cradle of civilization; while most humans were still just beginning crawl out from their sheltered caves as hunter-gatherers, other races of humanity had ruled the Earth. The ruins scattered throughout the lost Skull Islands, the nestled kingdom within the Fairy Mountains, the frozen city beneath the Transantarctic Mountains, the buried Kilaak acropolises of the Sahara, but more than these savage corners of the Earth, there was an empire that lay dead beneath the modern sprawl of the 20th Century. Monarch had discovered many ruins of similar architectural styling in areas across the world over the decades; Rhodon Mountain, under which Baragon was dormant, the caverns covered in the painted frescos of ‘fire demons’ across Southeast Asia, subterranean catacombs beneath the Australian outback, eroded monoliths and faded carvings scattered across Polynesia long predating colonizations by seafaring Southeast Asians. An advanced kingdom that risen and spread across the Pacific, and possibly beyond, more than twenty-thousand years ago and suddenly disappeared shortly before the end of the last ice age, its knowledge lost to all but the most ancient legends of certain native communities of their former range.

As the Super-X drifted through the submerged halls of this islet, its personnel could see many magnificent carvings upon vast basalt walls. A few showed figures of human-like figures, others that must have depicted this land during prosperity, but most were unmistakably those of beasts, of monsters, of kaiju. The island itself scurried with strange aquatic life, ichthyic beasts clambering in and out of underwater vents, amphibious trilobites, humanoid fish-creatures, and massive striders equal parts cephalopod and crustacean, but it was clear this tiny crag could not support any sort of ecosystem. However, the greatest shock came again as the Super-X docked at the base of a ruined temple; to their astonishment, a person walked out to meet them. They spoke clearly, they had learned of mankind’s new tongues and cultures pieced together from radios and artifacts that would periodically wash up along shore, and listening to the hum of distant minds growing in number thousands of miles away over countless decades. They had waited long until they could be discovered, as the final keeper of knowledge for a culture that had been wiped from the Earth millennia ago, the last messenger for millions of lost souls. They were the last survivor of the Infant People, and this eroded fragment was all that remained of their once grand capital city, the Kingdom of Mu. Some twenty-thousand years ago, the original settlers arrived on Mu from the east, and over centuries created a prospering sea utopia, eventually spread their influence to the coasts of the neighbouring continents.

How had this prehistoric kingdom achieved such prosperity? They had discovered and harnessed an energy source that only now mankind was beginning to rediscover. Something only possible due to the extraordinary geological makeup of the ancient landmass: nuclear power. In the caverns beneath Mu were large deposits of uranium ore and carbon deposits, which had been exposed to volcanic energy and a system of aquifers, turning it into a naturally occurring fission reactor, the Heart of Mu. Learning to harness this energy, the ancient Infant People prospered, and inevitably as they delved deeper in search of greater subterranean riches, they discovered too the original rulers of Earth, long before the gods of men were the Titans, the first gods. The Heart of Mu was a beacon to these beings, but all were kept away by their king, the god of the seas, Godzilla. For millennia, the Infant Civilization thrived, but gradually hubris and vanity crept into their hearts, the moral decay inherent to all humanity. They wanted to know more about the Titans, to learn the secrets of the Earth Gods, to harness their might. In their collective dreams came strange visions, of stories long before the ancestors of Man had even crawled from the mud.

Billions of years ago, when the lands were molten and the planet was young, there were born the first Titans. For time eternal, they ruled over primordium as the oceans formed and the continents arose. It was a time of savagery, of chaos, where might made right. That was, until he came, the equalizer, a golden light who cleansed the Earth, bringing order to pandemonium and seeding the lands with the blood of the gods to bring about new life. Gradually, most of the surviving Titans slipped beneath the surface and their time came to an end, and new forms of life would evolve and colonize the planet. And now the people of Mu, the children of the Titans, could rule the world as they once did. As the dreams continued, the Infant People came to know how to drive away the Titans, how to gather all manner of strange materials from the realm of the first gods, building cities that stretched into the sky, constructing unspeakable mechanisms and devices capable of bringing to slumber even Godzilla himself, learning the secret of immortality, and flourishing into a second golden age.

Until the day came when an empire arose in the west, a rival to their power, the great Kilaaks, who had learned to harness the strength of the kaiju, and grown bold enough to expand their domain. Eventually great conflict arose between the two civilizations, the great monsters of the Kilaaks against the machinations of the Infant People along the western front. Desperation grew among the Infant People, the thought that another power could stand against them, and in this moment of weakness, they were given one final judgement. In the final dreams of Mu, they were guided to the darkest depths beneath Mu, to a treasure that would outshine all those before it, would grant them ultimate power. In their blinded vanity, they clawed towards this goal, but they had been played as fools. Baited by promises of grandeur and wealths, they had been guided into freeing their own destroyer, the golden light himself, the King of Terror. Bursting free from a fault-line beneath their city-continent, Mu was torn asunder as he rose upon the Earth, an empire thousands of years in the making annihilated in a single day as Titans around the world were stirred from slumber by his war cry. It was the end of days, the Golden Demise.

As the King of Terror took glee in completely scouring the remnants of Mu clean in his apocalyptic ecstasy, the great sea god was finally roused from slumber and quickly rose to face his eternal nemesis. Gods clashed in thunder and fire as Mu sank beneath the waves, a ferocious battle lasting for hours, every strike plunging the kingdom further into the sea, until the King of Terror toppled Godzilla amidst the chaos. But in the moments as he proclaimed his victory, the stars themselves fell upon him. In a blinding flash all were gone, and the meagre handfuls of survivors were left to recollect the shattered fragments of their civilization. They were still perhaps the lucky ones, for their colonies along the Pacific Rim pulverized by unfathomable superstorms and tsunamis, while the Kilaaks were nevermore seen again. Most of them would migrate to the surrounding continents, assimilating into the primitive surrounding cultures, the knowledge of Mu and of the Titans’ existence were gradually lost or reduced to myth over generations. A scant few attempted to restart their civilization, but over the centuries, their numbers slowly dwindled and all physical evidence of their once grand empire was slowly lost beneath the earth. When the very last survivors realized this futility, they worked to preserve what little remained, in the slim hope that future kingdoms may hear of their tale, so that it would not all be for naught. Now they alone were the only one that remained of the Infant People and this islet was all that remained of the continent of Mu.

It was their hubris that had led to the Golden Demise, believing that they were above nature, could shape the world without consequence, and control the gods. Godzilla was the ultimate balancer of this planet for all time, the Immortal Titan; when the King of Terror first awoke upon the planet, he was there to confront him, and so it was time and time again. When the Infant People sentenced Godzilla to dormancy, they had inadvertently locked away the Earth’s greatest defence. The last survivor of the Infant People had seen modern man was committing the same mistakes as their own people had millennia ago. Now all manner of monster had emerged and lain waste to the civilization of man once more as Godzilla was sent away; even as they spoke, beasts of the inner world were clawing out, sensing Godzilla's dominance wavering. But now they could correct this mistake, restore the king to his throne. Not far from this isle was Godzilla' home, his place of healing: Adonoa Island. Godzilla could not be killed, but it could take decades or centuries for his strength to be restored naturally. Mankind would have to bring in their own hand to accelerate this process.

Description: An unparalleled engineering and military marvel, the Super-X represents the finest achievement in anti-kaiju defences of the 20th century. A hybrid of amphibious warship and aircraft carrier, the ship was designed to wage war against the mightiest life-forms to have ever lived. A multilayer titanium-alloy shell surrounding the outside more than a metre thick was tested to withstand the most powerful anti-ship artillery of its time, thirty times over, and further backed up by an artificial electro-diamond coating powered by a series of internal nuclear reactors which mimics the natural electromagnetic fields of kaiju (in particular the asymmetrically permeable shield that Godzilla may produce) to produce an energy "film" dubbed the Fire Mirror, allowing it to not only reflect incoming energy-based attacks and resist EMPs, but also to draw in and retain part of this energy for its own power. Theoretically, the Super-X could withstand even a direct nuclear strike within the megaton range, although it was specialized for battle against beast, not man.

The Super-X is mounted with eight enhanced Maser Cannons as its main battery, allowing for multi-directional defence from all sides at once from a distance of up to two kilometres, and are capable of focusing the heat energy as a precision energy beam, or a more widely targeted ray. The ship's largest weapon is a twin-mounted energy cannon known as the N1-00 derived but distinct from the masers, a massive twenty-metre long pivotable turret capable of firing a focused blast of thermo-atomic energy (colloquially dubbed the "hyper laser") able to plow through a mountain from sixty kilometres away at full charge. An array of retractable missile launchers which can fire rocket-propelled capsules of condensed cadmium dust, a chemical concoction designed to weaken organisms with a radiotrophic metabolism or to assist in post-combat decontamination of irradiated areas via absorbing neutron fission energy. Laser-guided spiralling torpedoes tipped with a diamond-edged rotating tip to drill into the tough hides of kaiju before exploding to shred the softer inner flesh. And along with this more specialized armoury, the ship is equipped with a huge array of more conventional ballistic missiles, machine gun turrets, armour-piercing torpedoes, and mounted artillery that are located in moveable compartments capable of firing upon targets from up to sixty kilometres away (although these weapons are of questionable efficiency against more powerful kaiju, they would still be useful for drawing their attention).

The ship is capable of a top speed of just under fifty knots for up to five hours, powered by a series of internal nuclear reactors feeding four pairs of maneuverable steam turbines. A cutting-edge (and in fact, largely experimental) pneumatic propulsion system gives the warship unparalleled aquatic speed for its size. These are capable of being shifted to turn the ship relatively quickly without having to come to a complete stop, granting the Super-X a great deal of speed and agility despite its size, even allowing backwards movement. At maximum speed when completely surfaced, the Super-X can almost glide along the water's surface by its powerful propulsion system (G-Force engineers hope to further this technology to achieve functional land-based hovercrafts by the end of the decade). At close range, the Super-X possesses an array diamond-tipped titanium harpoons which can be electrified with over 6 megawatts to stun or even momentarily cripple any kaiju that get within two-hundred metres. Should this fail, the Super-X can emit a powerful electro-nuclear burst across its diamond-alloy coating which can overwhelm the senses of most kaiju at close range, but this requires momentary shutdown of all nonessential power (including weapons systems) and takes several minutes to power back up, so it is a last resort defensive tactic. All of the Super-X's surface turrets are capable of retracting for full submersion, allowing for underwater movement at an operational depth of up to a kilometre.

The ship is not built merely to fight alone, but can also release a numerous of support crafts to assist it in battle. Eight ASTOL-MB93, single-man attack aircraft which each support a smaller, condensed version of the Maser Cannon (which sacrifices firepower in order for it to be mounted on an aerial vehicle) and twin rotary cannons, can be launched from the deck doors of the ship. These can reach near-supersonic speeds, and act as distractions to draw targets away from the mothership and provide support fire. The Super-X can launch two miniature submersibles capable of being manned by five men each, the Black Shark I and Black Shark II, each also mounted with spiral torpedoes and a condensed Maser Cannon, and also work in tandem to draw fire from the target kaiju, relying on their speed and cooperation to avoid being damaged. When launching a land-based assault, the Super-X holds a capacity of ten Maser Cannon armoured vehicles (of the Mark 70, a smaller and refined version of the Mark 66, but roughly equal in firepower). In effect, the Super-X is not merely a warship in its own respect but functions as a mobile base of operations for G-Force's seagoing and international ventures from which it can launch numerous land-bound operations.


NEXT: The Swarm of Death
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I wonder if there will be an mechagodzilla?

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Will we be seeing the Super-X 2 and the Super-X 3 later down the line?

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Trollmans has not even gotten to King Ghidorah, I don’t think he will do sequels to the Super-X with so many Kaiju to go through.

It always brightens my week to see another entry, great job!

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The super x looks awesome

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Some time ago I searched the internet if anyone had tried to redesign / upgrade the Super-X, and nothing. Glad I found this.

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Yay, new Folly of Man! Very interesting revelations about our boi Goji, I seriously thought he was going to be of a more villainous sort but this is a pleasant surprise!

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Humanity is totally gonna screw this up, aren't they?

The last survivor of Mu practically gift-wrapped the location of Godzilla's healing temple to the people that want to end him.

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wHaT cAn PoSsIbLy Go WrOnG?

I was expecting something man made, but not this! Good job!

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thats so awesome looking, this is something Monarch (or some other company or government organization) would definitely have if Legendary ever bring some of the military vehicles from Toho into the Monsterverse

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Awesome! I love the story!

Very cool post the story is progressing really nicely and I love that you are also doing kaiju superweapons. Will we by any chance ever get to see the mu machinations? Also where does the fairy mountains civilization and the first skull island civilization fit into all of these ancient people shenanigans?

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Maybe, but by the present day most, if not all, have already been destroyed (by time, battle, or other various reasons). Creations of a similar nature will appear, though. The Cosmos were a very isolated empire (both geographically and policy-wise) and it's questionable that either the Kilaaks or Infant People even knew they existed.

The Skull Island civilization... will be a story for another day.

Hi can you make king ghidorah biology please

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A wonderful surprise! Not used to anything so mechanical from you, but its done wonderfully!

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I...did not expect this lol
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I cant imagine what the Super X 2 and 3 would look like, also surprise that its not another kaiju but a mech/ vehicle

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