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Folly of Man: Shinomura

First Sighting:
 American Samoa, 1985
Size: Individual organism roughly 1 inch in diameter, colony may exceed 270 metres in length
Weight: Individual organism roughly 5 grams, colony can exceed 58 000 tonnes

History: One of the earliest legends of the Odo people say that the first known awakening of Gojira in surviving memory was when a locust-like monster known as the “swarm of death” was released from under the ocean after an earthquake, and Gojira followed it to the surface. The swarm of death, or Shinomura, was a monster made out of smaller monsters, and able to change in size and shape. One could become two and two could become one. The very air that the creature spewed forth was a lethal poison, and wherever it went, the land, sea, and sky were completely cleansed. The monster king would not allow such a dangerous foe to go unscathed and after a series of ferocious battles, obliterated this entity, driving its scattered essence into the earth. There were countless legends of such encounters during prehistory, and this was simply one of many G-Force and Monarch filed away, since there was no evidence to suggest this entity still existed and neither had the resources to go after every wild goose chase.  They could only hope that they were prepared with what they had.

Thirty-one years after Godzilla's existence was made reality, he had returned from the grave, ravaged another city in battle, and now G-Force was on his trail across the South Pacific. At the same time, an American naval fleet was responding to a distress call from American Samoa involving a kaiju incursion. They too had been scourging the region for signs of Godzilla, and believed they would encounter him once more having made landfall on the territory. However, as they got within view of the island, what attacked was like nothing they had encountered before. Hordes of dark, arthropod-like creatures of all different sizes and shapes swarmed the ships from out of the water, blade-like claws sheering through metal plating like cardboard, unfortunate personnel caught in their path literally disintegrating beneath the onslaught. Blasting at them provided ineffective, for each creature’s body was only momentarily flayed, before quickly reshaping itself like an elastic band settling back. Ship after ship were sunken before a retreat was ordered, and the creatures simultaneously crawled, slithered, leapt, and dove into the water. Some literally seemed to dissolve as they fell back beneath the waves.

As the survivors watched, numerous inky masses erupted from the sea, fusing in midair into one immense form that congealed into a single beast before their eyes, its hide rippling and shifting like waves, eyespots blinking in and out of existence over its body, an unearthly howl that seemed to come not from its mouth but echoing from its entire body as numerous pairs of dark wings literally stretching outward, hurtling itself away. When the ships circled back and returned to American Samoa, it was discovered a swathe of death had been cut through the island, plants, animals, people, buildings, all reduced to half-melted husks, a desolate scar of lifeless grey crisscrossing the entire island. Nearly half the population had been consumed and most of the main island’s settlements had been levelled; the capital of Pago Pago effectively ceased to exist. And now these creatures were moving onto their next feast, moving toward the next island.

While it had been clearly demonstrated their weaponry was ineffective against this scourge, the remaining fleet began pursuing this superorganism knowing that they were the only thing for thousands of miles that even stood a chance of slowing its march of death. As they headed towards a second confrontation along the northern shore of the island of Niue, they sent out a distress call; someone, anyone, if they could hear this message, support was required. More than five-thousand kilometres away, the Super-X received this call as they were on their way to Adonoa Island. A ghost island, they navigated alone by the directions given by the last Muan. The events foretold in stone by the Infant Peoples were coming to pass much more quickly than anyone expected. A new super-predator aiming to supplant Godzilla, the balance of the ecosphere violently disrupted. Only days after the city of Jayapura had been wiped from the face of the Earth, a situation at the tipping point. Now those onboard the Super-X had a vital decision to make; destroy Godzilla while he was at his most vulnerable and be rid of him once and for all and hope they could find some way to destroy this new kaiju on their own, or unleash Godzilla, draw the two into battle, and face the victor. For every moment they waited, more and more lives would be lost. Navies across the East Pacific were setting to sea to attempt to whittle down Shinomura as evacuations were underway, but they would only buy time. By the time the misty shore of Adonoa Island came into view, news had come in that Niue was completely lost. The swarm of death, Shinomura, had consumed the entire island’s biomass and continued south towards Tonga, growing ever larger...

Description: A kaiju only a few centimetres in width, but capable of assembling with other members of its species into a gestalt superorganism billions of times in size. While such a type of life-form is not unprecedented, it is the perfect unison in which the superorganism functions that makes it remarkable. From an outward glance it may be difficult to distinguish it as being a composite amalgamation, as the individual zooids link together so tightly it is nearly impossible to separate them forcibly. To start examining the biology of this form of kaiju, it must start with the very origin of Shinomura. While they certainly appear unique, in truth fossils of similar organisms have been known long since its initial first appearance. Its three-lobbed radially symmetrical body is unmistakable to skeletal remains which nearly six-hundred million years old; it is theorized that Shinomura is a living descendant of Precambrian organisms such as Tribrachidium and Albumares. They are the earliest known eukaryotic kaiju, probably the first kaiju period to evolve after the end of the Nuclear Age; the enigmatic trilobozoans.

The Shinomura’s spiralling, three-sided body links to three multi-jointed appendages with hooks on each segment used to link together with other Shinomura zooids. Each segment of the appendages are able to swivel and three hard body segments are connected by more flexible, semi-elastic membranes, allowing them to connect to nearby zooids above, below, and around them. A pore opening beneath each hook on the end of each segment reveals a nerve ending which will extend to connect to opposing nerve endings when the zooids are linked, allowing them to function perfectly in sync by instant transmission of synaptic charges, creating a literal hive mind. While the majority of the superorganism’s “body” is comprised of undifferentiated, multi-purpose zooids, some may metamorphose into different castes that take on more specialized functions more efficiently, similar to cells. Some zooids on the outer surface grow a thicker exoskeleton to form an armoured hide, others inside becoming softer and having larger nerve bundles, grouping together with similar zooids to form ganglia-like pseudo-organs, while others still enlarge their optic sensors to create makeshift compound eyes by clustering together at the surface, and each caste is capable of digesting these components and reverting to the base form at any time. Because each tiny unit performs this independently, large portions of the colony are capable of transforming in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

Each zooid is capable of asexual reproduction, and once having consumed and processed sufficient matter, will eject a fully independent offspring (already half the mass of the parent zooid) from a reproductive orifice. Any form of organic matter functions as potential fuel for Shinomura, although a highly simplistic digestive tract within each zooid means food must be pre-digested before it is consumed. This is done by way of a biochemical secretion dubbed as “micro-oxygen”, which allows rapid exothermic breakdown of aerobic cells into inert proteins. Shinomura are anaerobic organisms which do not require oxygen and are unaffected by its own secretions, but as a result, its touch rapidly rends apart aerobic living tissue in seconds as if dipped in acid. From what is known from fossil remains and study of Shinomura zooids, the first trilobozoans must have originated before the Great Oxidation Event, but rather than becoming extinct as the atmospheric composition became toxic, they adapted by way of this micro-oxygen secretion which provided a chemical buffer against the oxygenated environment.

The largest documented colony of Shinomura likely exceeded several billion individuals and weighed tens of thousands of tonnes. At this size, the overall cohesion of the overall superstructure plateaus and it has trouble keeping itself together. During motion, small chunks of zooids would periodically be dislodged (before reforming into independent colonies) from the extremities furthest from the central body mass. It is believed that once a supercolony reaches this maximum limit it will split into two colonies. Even without continuous physical contact, colonies of Shinomura retain a sense of unity, congregating in numbers that resemble differing orders in a eusocial insect colony. This is likely due to the genetic homology of the species, with each individual being more or less genetically identical due to spawning through asexual reproduction (a strategy which makes neural linkage between any two zooids possible). A colony can split itself into multiple components at will and reform into individual colonies, or rejoin into a single unit once again just as quickly. Smaller colonies may sacrifice themselves in nearly suicidal attacks on threats to protect the larger colonies, or larger colonies may eject small clumps as sacrificial defensive units. The gestalt nature of Shinomura makes them powerful in a way different from kaiju with highly regenerative tissues or extreme physical durability, as the zooids can adapt to a situation at a moment's notice and, in a large colony, millions of units can be destroyed simultaneously but it will still not affect the functionality of the entire colony, as the surrounding zooids simply and quickly rearrange themselves.

It is believed that colonies of Shinomura are normally kept down by predatory kaiju and lack of sufficient environments for their anaerobic physiology, preventing them from normally reaching the size of the superorganism sighted in 1985. It is believed that Godzilla, or creatures similar to him, were the primary limiting factor, like ladybugs which prevent aphids and mealybugs from overrunning a garden, but as the hyperfauna dwindled over the ages, such creatures were able to produce enormous colonies without being interrupted more regularly, reaching sizes that can even threaten non-colonial daikaiju (although it's likely the modern atmosphere of the surface is unfavourable for the survival of smaller colonies from the sub-crustal ecosystems where they originate). However, it is whispered in one tale in Odo folklore that it is not Shinomura that is a great threat to the world alone, for, just as shoals of herring draw out sharks, something much greater preys upon them. Shinomura may be the swarm of death, but somewhere hidden beneath the earth are their master, an all-consuming living hatred, a blight festering aeons old, waiting to bring about the end of days: the swarm of apocalypse.


NEXT: Alpha Predator
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Please make mechagodzilla anatomy and please tell how mechagodzilla laser was so hot , how absolute zero cannon works to create absolute zero laser chemically please please please please please please please please please please please please please please make

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“Next: Alpha Predator”

putting my money on Anguiurus, but really anything with that title is gonna be super hype

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your interpretation is a wonder to behold.
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this the most beautiful kaiju in this series so far. but im biased towards the color blue so I would naturally find this beautiful,but it seems that our favourite satanic crab-monster supercolony is coming up next... I want to see how they turn out.

i love how scary and beautiful Shinomura looks, it looks like Destoroyah is coming.

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This is visually beautiful, I love the blue colors of the Shinomura, although the ground attack shapes look very alien, I love the design.

Literal soy de el salvador,pero no puedo evitarlo tus diseños son increibles!!

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this is really a kickass design! :)

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My god, this is beautiful!!

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Stunning, absolutely gorgeous! I don't know if you've been asked before, but how long does it take you to do a piece like this versus one of your environmental pieces like "The Lost Continent"?

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These usually take longer (in part because the environmental pieces tend to be smaller). For example the Super-X drawing took about 3 weeks, while the accompanying illustration took about 10 days.

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wow, fantastic design :la:

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Shinomura looks great
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Who is worse, the swarm of apocalypse, or the golden demise?

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I'd say the golden demise, considering that it's King Ghidorah.

Well done as always in designing this obscure kaiju! I really can't wait for Destroyah to make his appearance!

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Simply amazing! I love the biology that suggests a relation to Destoroyah!

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I see you.
All those Destoroyah hints and foreshadows.
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Love to see more Folly of Man entries. Keep it up. Fingers crossed for Yonggary.
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Yonggary won't be in folly of man only monsters from ultraman, godzilla and king kong are appearing.

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