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Sunset Feather

:bulletblue:This design is for sale:bulletblue:
I've decided to make a little series of colorful tattoo designs.
Do all my tattoo designs contain dreamcatchers? Yeah, probably most of them :D
And an obnoxious watermark since some humans don't know how to behave online. I hope you still like it.
Here's another one
I accept tattoo commissions.


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I really adore this design! The transition from feather to dream-catcher is flawless and visually interesting. Love the color gradient - it's very sunset-esque! :D
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I dont have words for this. Its so lovely. ♥
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I was about to say, this would make a beautiful tattoo!
TrollGirl's avatar
And then, you've read the description!
Maybe I should collect all of them~
TrollGirl's avatar
And by collect, you mean?...
Maybe I will collect all arts you make in this kind
TrollGirl's avatar
If by that you mean add to your favorites, that's great. If you mean you'll steal them, then something bad will happen.
Oh come on man~I am not that bad!I will collect it
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I'm stunned. This is just so beautiful.
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Ooooh pretty! I really like this design. :)
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So, out of curiosity... could you do something like this, just with a space scene?  Like a nebula, with more of a water-colorey effect?  If so, I am SO gonna commission you! 
TrollGirl's avatar
Can't see why not =]
glolinde's avatar
Yaaayy!!!! I'll note ya :D
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Actually... it is kinda water colorey (don't you love my English?  You should hear me when I don't know what something is called, "It's over there with the thing-a-ma-bobby next to the thing with the screwy top")   When I say more water colorey, I mean like runny.... does that make sense? 
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Beautiful design, love feathers and dreamcatchers!
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love the feather! sort of reminds me of the keys to the kingdom book
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