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How to save a life

For :icondragon-realms: contest - [link] idea was to interprete one of the songs offered with a dragon-themed artwork.

While the theme is fantasy, the situation is real enough.
Sometimes we need someone to be near us when those we trusted fail us.

"Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life"


Watercolors, colored pencil, white gouache
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Awwwwww. I want to have a dragon friend to keep me warm, too. This is touching.
I like the combination of blue and brown. And the salt - always! haha! I love the magical texture it adds.
Ellygator's avatar
Just wonderful!
Sieskja's avatar
Really beautiful, I love the way you use salt!
TrollGirl's avatar
I mainly overdo it.
NoBuddy-else's avatar
Wonderfully rendered :iconflowerheartplz:
akela9's avatar
Beautiful. (As usual.) ;)
LadyRosyCheek's avatar
This is so pretty! Really amazing work My friend! ^^
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The emotive context is very clear - and very kind - in this piece. And I do like the color choices on the dragon very much... Like water and autumn together.
TrollGirl's avatar
Water and autumn together...pretty sentence...
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The use of color here is phenomenal, but this is certainly a strong part in all of your works. I love the dragon's face, and the salt texture is added in all the right places. The detail of the cracks is very realistic and beautiful.
One of my favorite works by you!
TrollGirl's avatar
Thank you!
I add salt everywhere i can get away with it really :lmao: *addicted*
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I love this one, great colors and it's very touching. I think, you managed to demonstrate the song in a lovely way! Beautiful and good luck with the contest! :)
TrollGirl's avatar
Thanks! I enter too many contests...hope at least some work..
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Love the song, the artwork, the colours and those damn awesome wings <3

"Between the lines of fear and blame, beginning to wonder why i came...."
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You did this 100x Better then me! Great job hope you win for this great piece!
TrollGirl's avatar
Thank you! Mind if i ask, how did you see it? Cause it wasnt accepted to the group and the group seems a bit dead.
thaddman's avatar
Well I saw the title And knew it was for the song, when I looked at it it was confirmed. But I found it from one of the others groups you added it too. :icondragon-lovers: I believe was the group I saw it added too. I hope they add this one though, It is one of the best (and actually to the song) Pieces I have seen yet! 10/10!
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