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Felis Draconis

By TrollGirl
Well, this is something i promised ~ShirelG a long while ago, and she waited patiently without nagging, so here it is, my attempt at a dragonish cat. [I cant draw cats at all]. I sketched many of them, and most went awfully wrong, this is so far the best i came up with.
Still not sure about the colors, but what -am- i sure about, anyway...

Meow and watercolors.
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starwoodarts's avatar
eee! a blue winged kitty. my favs!! :heart:
Ozkumeti's avatar
Love the colours! They work so well together!

You have a great mind. <3
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Ellygator's avatar
Fabulous combination!
TrollGirl's avatar
Yes, i think i'll do some more :)
Burdfeet's avatar
הו וואו, זה מקסים!
Lovely concept.
Your watercolour skills are superb :aww:
TrollGirl's avatar
You avatar.
It's looking at me.
LoreMaster01's avatar
Looks more part fish than dragon.
TrollGirl's avatar
I suppose it's the fins.
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blu-ish's avatar
well there's hardly anything negative to say about your skills with watercolour, which are excellent. The way you shade, colour and highlight are always perfect. By looking at your pieces I find myself learning always. The painting itself is very nice, however I have the feeling you are capable of much more complex paintings and subjects to paint. Me being a watcher for about 3 months, do wish to see some more of your surrealism.

Lovely piece indeed :aww:
TrollGirl's avatar
You're completely right, most paintings i do are for personal therapy and i am incapable of facing something complex as i should, certainly not in the current stage.
RubisFirenos's avatar
Oh, nice colors ! I love them !

Well done for the Graow-meow !
TrollGirl's avatar
Thank you, thank you :bow:
Barbaraillustration's avatar
I love it and think you did an awesome artwork. Love the colors. I always like viewing your work it is very colorful and fanciful and not like other stuff.

YunHarla's avatar
Lol! this is awsome! I love both the idia and the style. Yay Salt! What kind to you use, iodenized or kosher??
TrollGirl's avatar
Oh, no idea, whatever's in the kitchen @_@
YunHarla's avatar
probly the iodenised
secretplanet's avatar
it's a griffinish cat! you're amazing: i love the colours u chose, & it's definately cat like!
TrollGirl's avatar
LeftySteve's avatar
An excellent creation... Ya did good, girl...
TrollGirl's avatar
I dont even know myself.
LeftySteve's avatar
Dega said "An artist only does good things when he/she don't know what they are doing"... Have fun...
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