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As his lantern is lit, shadow shapes spring into being to become our dreams..

Scraps of watercolor paper shouldn't be wasted! ^^

still happy
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השליטה שלך בצבעי מים יוצאת דופן. איזה סוג זה? :)
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Stunning colors, love it!
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I love the colors!!
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it's beautiful! Love the colours and the movement!
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I have featured this
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WOW! Very original idea, I love the shading of the colors and the variety, you don't see that everyday! Lovely job!
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amazing color. I love it :)
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So... colorful! :D
really well done.
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beautiful :D love it
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This is such an awesome piece. So bright and full of life. I flow the overall flow of the picture. I seem to notice something each time I look at this. Really wonderful painting. :)
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Lol. If you notice something new each time, i winz. I want to make people stare for a long time :P.
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The tree and castle are great, especially over all the colour. Why do I get the feeling that's there's more than what there seems to be in those little vortexes of his?

My scraps of paper always end up being colour testers for my 'serious' pieces, used as long as there's enough white left to discern colour :).
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More than what there seems...i wouldn't know. The less i think when painting, the better it comes out..

And i never use color testers. How n00bish of me^^
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Well I imagine in a painting there wouldn't be, as that wouldn't make a terrible amount of sense, but it gives the impression.

I've dropped off mixing colours lately, moving from actual mixing in a pan to just throwing one colour on top of another directly on top of the paint cake (I've never used tubes though I have some) and guessing that it will be the colour I need. I'm usually more or less right.
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I love how you use colors<3
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Actually, colors use me. It's like voodoo.
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The colors are stunning! This warrants a :+fav:
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is it a fragment? Looks like one.
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Noes, just a lil bit of watercolor paper that i couldn't stand throwing know how i am at these things...:D
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