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A Place Of My Own

By TrollGirl
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I created this for #ProjectEducate's Contest: Your Artistic Journey
I spent my entire life creating. It was like growing a garden, patiently, working for many hours a day, sometimes at the expense of other life expriences.
Well, an introvert ass burger isn't likely to get many of those, so i'm glad I invested into something nifty, and grew my garden to be insanely colorful and fun.
It now attracts interesting mythical wildlife which I can paint :)
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YES! So good! :) (Smile) Heart 
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Ass Burger?...I thought this art was pretty nice until I read that. Then again It could just be a joke, likley infact. I Might just be being oversentive, but still I wouldn't suggest making jokes like that...but eh whatever. 
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Yes honey, the art is pretty nice, and the creator doesnt subscribe to the american cult of microaggressions. Got triggered? I'd suggest to move on. The world isn't geared towards anyone's sensitivity. 
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1. Doesn't even scratch my top 100, it's nice but not great. 

2. Not american (and thankful of that, your country has gone to shit)

3. So you hate autistic people, interesting and explains why you used such a word. Well were at it lets laugh at people with depression and down syndrome you fucker. 

4. In some aspects it should be, it's why your not allowed to go kill blacks people. 

You know what, I am sorry. Maybe I am looking to deep into this, and if so my most humble of apologies. 
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1.My deepest not-cares.
2.Not mine. I'm approximately 10 thousand km away from there.
3.Sure. I hate them. That's why I used that word..talking about myself.
4.You're. Apparently you hate grammar.
5.You need to find a better hobby than this, creepazoid. And stop with the fetish porn, that's really embarassing. You're as pathetic as you're unintelligent. And now, fuck off.
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Very good seeing so many colours used in one image. I quite like the design of the dragon and the colour pallet concept.
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That Quite amazing! :)
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Amazing colours and details :la:
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I love the detail of the paint from the trees spilling over the edge ^^ It's so pretty!
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This reminds me of the song "puff the magic dragon" on so many levels
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Lawl. Ok, i see your point. Love that song but prefer not to read into all the stoner interpretations too much XD
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Yeah, those are just plain wrong. The writer even said so himself.
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It's beautiful! The colors looks brilliant together and the way you put them together looks great
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I really really love this painting.  The colors work beautifully together, and the dragon is fluffy and perfect.  Really really well done!
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Incredible. I love it.
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This is a great concept! Love :happybounce: Woohooooo! Airborne 
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Very good conception. And amazing piece of art :) (Smile) 
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Love the symbolism. Indeed, art skills need to be tended and grown patiently.
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Wonderful colors!
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