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40k Daemon Primarchs

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"Bro, check out this sick new space-album."

*9 hrs of unintelligible shrieking*
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malleus-daemonum's avatar

Amazing bro! Most awesome depiction of magnus I've seen ever!!! All of them actually!

rage1911's avatar

Absolutely astounding work! They all look fantastic!!!

And Perturabo’s helmet tho!😍🥵🤩

fuukonomegami's avatar

this is beautiful beyond words. :)

5700002755's avatar

Man, Mortarion is creepy, he kind of reminds me of those creatures from Dr.Who called the OOD when they were possessed.

Princeps7's avatar

Cool and badass. My favorite is Perturabo and Magnus.

5700002755's avatar

Mine is Lorgar and Fulgrim,one looks determined,the other looks confident.

Princeps7's avatar

And Angron looks enraged, Yes?

5700002755's avatar

Oh no question about it,he is definitely beyond pissed off.

manati20's avatar

bonito dibujo.

WynterLegend's avatar

I especially like Proturbo and Lorgar, neither have much official art of their daemonic forms. Perturabo stands out, bearing the visage of his Legion's Heraldry

Trollfeetwalker's avatar

Pertie's got brand recognition for days.

KingOfCopper16's avatar

that is the best depiction of daemons Lorgar and Perturabo that i ever seen

Son-of-Dromund-Kaas's avatar

How far they have fallen.

doclumbago's avatar

this is so awesome. I have been wondering around what all the Dmeon Primarchs would look like. Especially Perturabo. And Magnus face concept is straight up better than GWs.

Truly magnificient.

SkyPotatoFire's avatar

Splendid work and intricate detail, they all look like they're harrying a grudge.

mistermadigan's avatar

Lawsuits pending from the Necrons towards both Magnus and Perturabo.

KaijuKing40000's avatar
I love angron and perturabo,i remember their fight for perturabo Beat him to bring him to terra,i wish je Come first as a model,lorgar Can cru in his tower fearing corvus coraux,and fulgrim...we dont talk about him
Shedimi's avatar

Your interpretation of the primarchs is so good!

I like especially two of my favourites ones (Magnus and Lorgar) better then what I saw so far from GW!

Good work well doneThumbs Up

Trollfeetwalker's avatar

Thanks very much. :D

BrutalityInc's avatar

I had always wondered what Perturabo's daemonic self would look like, owing to the lack of art on that, and this is the best depiction of it yet. Also like the other ones very much!

TheGreatCrimson's avatar

I can smell Mortarion

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