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Second Punch (ch.3)
Chapter 3
Boros had been following Tanktop Master's phone for a few hours now and finally he had reached City-Z, and looking at the map, Saitama lived at the opposite end of the city. There is the possibility that someone might be waiting in ambush there for him after he beat that hero at the tower, so it's only common sense that he should stay under the radar and go the long way around the city. But alas, common sense is only for common people.
Boros could simply sprint straight to his goal, but he wanted to take it slow and see the civilization he wanted to destroy earlier, first.
Boros didn't even bother hiding himself from the humans and so he simply marched down the main road towards the person who is his salvation and at the same time his demise. Even at the border, there were people and all sorts of vehicles everywhere, and the noise they were all making was a little bit more than annoying to him, especially since his superior hearing only multiplies thenoise. At least most peop
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Second Punch (ch.2)
Chapter 2
As the elevator was rising, Boros couldn't help but feel a little scared. Even if he had raised his energy, he still wasn't sure if he could win. Heck, he wasn't sure if he could even truly damage him. But before he could sink deeper into those thoughts, a 'ding' sounded, the elevator stopped and the doors opened.
He walked into the corridor and looked around. The hallway was wide and high with a few decorations that doubled as lamps along the sides and a tiled floor of lighter shades of black. And at the end of the hallway stood a grand pair of doors. Not as grand as his were, of course, but grand nonetheless.
As the doors opened, he tensed, not knowing what to expect. Maybe there would be someone with strength matching his own, or worse, matching His.
He expected a lot of things, but when the doors fully opened, he saw... nothing? He blinked a few times to make sure he was seeing correctly, but even after a minute of staring, the room still stayed the same, empty.
The room
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Second Punch (ch.1)
Chapter 1
"You are way too strong" Boros said with a small smile as his consciousness started fading away. But before the darkness could completely cover his mind, he thought "... if only I could fight you again... Saitama..." and with that, everything turned black.
"Can't see" he thought "I can't see anything" he tried to look around but found something else missing "I can't feel anything. Am I dead?" he tried to move again but failed "Is this how I am going to stay forever?" this thought scared him "But I guess that's how most of my life vent. Me, the unbeatable Boros, the ruler of all" he thought and then he just stayed like that for a while, not even thinking. But then a thought hit him "But if I'm unbeatable, why am I dead?" he quickly started searching his head for an answer, and he quickly found it "Saitama!" the memories of that wonderful fight. The memory so fresh he wondered how come he didn't remembered it sooner. The joy of finding a strong enemy, the thrill of going all ou
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Ice and Blood(ch.8)
Chapter 8
The last bit of the road to the kingdom was short, so the duo finished it in silence. The only difference between the two blue travellers was that BMO was silent because he was very excited to see new places and meet new faces, while Finn was silent because he was anticipating the possible dangers and trying to come up with a way to deal with them in a non violent way.
"The last thing I need right now is a battle with the whole fire kingdom while I don't have my crown" thought Finn as they finally reached the kingdom's wall.
The wall that separated the actual kingdom from the land around it was a big and solid obsidian building. For decoration, the wall was engraved to look like it was built from blocks, even though it was a singular piece. No artillery could destroy it and that was probably the main reason why it was still standing after all the wars they had with the other kingdoms.
As they vent to the gates, the duo was greeted by two flame guards that were posted there.
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Ice and Blood(ch.7)
Chapter 7
Finn was running through the forest for about 10 minutes and he still didn't see even a glimpse of the ice prince. Not that he wasn't sure where the prince went, because there was a large trail of burnt plants and animals all the way through the forest. When Finn finally got out of it, after a few
meters, the burnt trail ended. Finn stopped and looked around to see where he was. And if memory served him right, he was standing in the grasslands... where Pen lives...
Finn quickly looked where the burnt trail had ended, and in the direction the trail was pointing to, he saw something glowing in the distance. At that, his face visibly paled.
"No..." whispered Finn and started running towards the glowing dot, all the way repeating the word 'no' in his head.
When he got to the tree house, Finn saw that the top part of the tree was burning. He didn't waste time by checking if the doors were unlocked, he drew his sword and cleanly cut the door horizontally in half. Even before the ha
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Ice and Blood(ch.6)
Ice and Blood (chapter 6)
When Finn saw the Lich he first thought that the Lich had killed the ice prince and took his crown, but when Finn noticed his eyes, he understood that was not the case. The glowing blue eyes that were full of madness could only belong to one person, ice prince.
Finn didn't have neither his magic, nor his sword 'Okay, so at the moment I don't really stand a chance against him' Finn thought while trying to rid himself from any thoughts of giving up, no matter how sweet those thoughts sounded at the moment. But if HE didn't stand a chance, then why not let someone else fight the ice prince?
The prince's hands went up in sickly-green flames, which burned the yellow fur and flesh.
"I shall give you the honor of being the first one to taste my new powers" said the ice prince and with two big swings he shot the flames at Finn.
Finn dodged the fireballs by flying upwards into the sealing. He passed the sealing and got onto the floor above. This was a very large square
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Ice and Blood(ch.5)
Ice and Blood (chapter 5)
"Pen" Finn whispered to himself in disbelief.
If he remembered correctly, this was one of the many residence of the Vampire Queen Marceline, and Finn doubted that she would like it if some random kid came and started living there. When Finn first met Marceline, she was but an old, frail lady who looked like someone who would fall to the ground and die any second. But now, she was one of the powerhouses in Ooo.
A few decades after the Lich bomb incident, Finn came across a young teenage vampire in wizard city who claimed to be the same old lady from that time. At first, Finn didn't believe her, but then she told Finn what happened after the incident.
"As the bomb was about to explode, a man appeared before me and took me somewhere" said Marceline "After that, the same man proclaimed that we're in the demon and that he is my father. Then he made me a half demon for an immortal body, and half vampire for an immortal soul" then she flexed her arms like some beefy
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Ice and Blood(ch.4)
Ice and Blood (chapter 4)
Finn was mad, both from the fact that he was fooled and from the fact that he is probably helpless to save Pen.
"I must say" spoke the Ice Prince, "It really fells amazing not having you around, it's like a huge stone has been lifted from my soul" he said that and started chuckling.
Finn didn't respond, he only looked at the Prince, frowning.
"Aww, don't look at me like that, all I'm going to do is enjoy my immortality" the Prince said that with a very sincere face that almost fooled Finn... almost. "Judging by your frown, I believe that you're not buying it. But seriously, I WILL enjoy the infinite time I have to the fullest. Well, the fact that I enjoy killing IS probably going to annoy you. But do you know what will annoy you even more than killing random people?" asked the Prince, smiling as a little boy thinking of a prank would. Finn didn't feel calmed by that smile at all, that's because he had a really bad feeling about what was going to be said. "Kill
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Ice and Blood(ch.3)
Ice and Blood (chapter 3)
Finn walked all the way to the ice castle only to be stopped by guards, his own guards.
"What is the meaning of this?" he demanded, a little shocked that his own guards would disobey him.
"Our lord Finn ordered us not to let anyone except himself and the penguins inside the castle" spoke both guards at the same time.
Finn was taken aback, but it was pointless to argue, they probably don't recognize Finn because he wasn't wearing the crown. Fighting them wouldn't do him any good ether because: 1- he didn't have any weapons and because the crown wasn't on his body he couldn't make one. 2- Finn made the guards a little over 3 meters height and purely out of ice, so even if he jumped on them with all his strength they would only throw him off like an annoying bug. Finn really didn't think this through when he came here. But when things don't go as they planned, Finn improvises.
"Hey!" he got the attention of the guards because they didn't really pay too much atten
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Ice and Blood(ch.2)
Ice and Blood (chapter 2)
The fire elemental shot continues stream of fire of intense heat at Finn's icy wall, but because Finn had researched many runes of fire resistance, so her attacks wore with little success. She definitely had power, but she didn't have much control over it, she simply shoots with everything she has. That thought amused Finn to the point of a smile, and after a while, when Flame Princess stopped attacking for a second, she definitely noticed his smile, which looked even more wicked through the ice wall, because her face became a deep frown. And for a while, as her fireballs got smaller, he thought that she had given up and will simply leave. But as always, no such luck. Her fire didn't get smaller, but rather became a lot more compressed into spinning rings of fire. And when Finn noticed her smile, he instinctively stepped to his side, just barely avoiding the rings as they came through the wall. Thankfully he got his attention from the sliced wall back
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Ice and Blood(ch.1)
Ice and Blood (chapter 1)
Finn decided to go for a walk around his kingdom, it was enough thinking and getting depressed over what he did or did not do. He rose from his icy throne, put on his marine blue with golden decorations coat, only because he wasn't seeing anyone didn't mean he would be going around without style. So he flew down to the snowy lands and began strolling down the mountain, enjoying the sight of penguins playing with each other and even smiled at what was that they were discussing about. Their conversation went like this.
"I swear, I saw a fish like this big!" the first penguin said, stretching his little wings in opposite directions as much as his small body could allow him.
"Yeah, right, and I beat a polar bear all by myself" the second penguin replied with sarcasm, which the first little guy didn't notice and so thought that he was being serious.
"Wow, " said the first one awed "You must be...
But before he could finish his praise a huge fireball with two people
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Ice and Blood(ch.0)
Ice and Blood (chapter 0)
It was an early, dashing morning. The sun was just starting to rise. Slowly, the animals began to wake, the birds started singing their songs of a carefree and happy life. The grass shone like it was made of diamonds after the last night's rain. And further in the distance, where the crystal mountains stood, the snow fell... An ordinary person, who didn't know the land of Ooo, might have said, seeing how the ice and grassy lands met in a clear border, that it was a bit strange. But, we know what snowy lands we're talking about. Yes, this is the Ice Kingdom. And this kingdom's ruler is a very sad, lonely teenager named Finn. It's not like anybody ever calls him by his name anymore, or even knows it at that. He is always being called the Ice Prince by everyone. Except Finn, he always refers to himself by his own name, just to keep from going insane. Finn has light blue skin, snow white hair, that went as far as the lower waist in a ponytail, and intends sky blue
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Fleks Andru
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I think we all know who is going to win.
I got Tagged by this guy over here

The Rules
1. You have to post the rules 
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves. 
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 
4. Choose 13 people (You don't have to if you don't know many people)
5. Go to their page to inform them that they are tagged. 
6. Not something like "you are tagged if you read that." 
7. You have to legitimately tag 13 people. 
8. You can't say that you don't do tags. 
9. Tag-backs are allowed! 
10. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENT. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry. 
11. You have to finish within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc. (Relax, I won't)
12. Be creative with the title, no "I got tagged." 
13. Cussing is ALLOWED

Here are 13 things you never wanted to know about me.
1. I am more of a dog person myself (don't get me wrong, I like cats, but in my opinion dogs are the best).
2. I am a musician (I play double bass, cello, piano and guitar. I used to be in a choir, but then I transferred schools).
3. Even though I use DeviantArt for more than 2 years, I started submitting stuff only a few months ago.
4. People often mistake me for a 18+ year old because I'm tall (190cm).
5. My family is big, I have 3 older siblings.
6. I learned how to drive around 1.5 years back.
7. I love the whole Artemis Fowl book series (I read them two times already but I will still read them again).
8. I like all genre of music, but my favorite right now is Glitch Hop.
9. I try to be healthy: no drinking, smoking, chips, cola (let's see how long I last ;) ).
10. I always try to smile.
11. I like guns and weapons. Be it old weapons, fantasy weapons, modern day guns, I simply love them all :3.
12. I like manga more than anime.
13. I play basketball.

OmegaEGG-RS's questions.
1. How old do you think I am?
Blind guess... 25!
2. If you had one superpower, what would it be?
Teleportation. I hate public transport but I still need to get around town.
3. How many numbers of pi can you recite?
3.14 . That's all you really need in math.
4. If you can have the one thing you always want and would do anything for it, what is the one thing you wouldn't do for it?
Go around town in my birthday suit.
5. If you had a Youtube channel, what kind of content would you be doing?
It would have GUNS, STUNTS AND EXPLOSIONS!!! (or a music channel)
6. If you can fly any aircraft that has ever existed, what would it be?
I guess Boeing F-22 Raptor.
7. If time had stopped and everyone's frozen forever, what will you do for the rest of eternity?
It would be rather boring, so I guess I would try to fix it.
8. What is your #1 OTP, if you have one?
I don't ship stuff, I like to see how things play out themselves.
9. What are physics? 'Cause DICE doesn't seem to know them. (Bonus points for those who get the reference, which will probably be no one...)
“the study of matter, energy, and the interaction between them”
10. If you have the last gallon of petrol/diesel left on this earth, what will you do with it?
Shoot it somewhere where many people could see. It's better to go out with a bang than silently be used up in some generator.
11. You are the FBI's Most Wanted, and they have ordered a kill/capture op on you. What will you do?
Lay low in Mexico until everything dies down, all the while planing my return. When I get back, I will make history.
12. What will you do with 25 million dollars?
Buy lots of guns and a place where I could shoot those guns. After that, I guess I would buy a small house near my shooting grounds so I could shoot my guns whenever I want. And with the rest, I would invest in the gun industry.
13. If you are the President of the World, what would be your first course of action?
Ban the cutting of trees in natural locations (like rain forests and the like).

What time is it? Question time!
1. If you had a fantasy pet, what would it be like? It can be anything, even your own character.
2. On your birthday you get a platinum card for 1 free assassination, who do you want dead (absolutely anyone).
3. You have a time machine with a two way ticket. Where do you go, to the past to fix something or to the future to see something awesome?
4. What would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
5. Are you an early bird or a night owl (or something in between)? And if you could, would you change that?
6. Okay, let's get personal. What is your greatest fear?
7. The mafia finally caught you, and for your effort, they are letting you decide how you want to die (no need to answer if you don't want to).
8. What is the thing you would happily do again?
9. What do you consider to be the most important material thing in the world (for you)?
10. What is your least favorite animal on earth.
11. The world learned how to put people into games, what game do you wanna be in?
12. What rpg class would you choose to be in real life? (there are a ton of quizzes online).
13. What are your thoughts on gaming?

This was a great way to spend my time :3

You may be wondering why I tagged you guys... well me too.
But really, I probably saw you on my watch list or simply noticed you when I was browsing DA.
If you don't want to or if you are simply bored YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS.
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  • Drinking: Water


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