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Im Proud Of You Dexter by Trollan-gurl22 Im Proud Of You Dexter by Trollan-gurl22
I'm not surprised many people would understand what I'm talking about but 

"Back to the barn" truly gave me some Ego Trip Dexter feels when Peridot droned on and on about pearls being merely used as slaves, only to cater to a higher gem. It came off as something Executive Mandark would really harp on. 

"A rich leader with a worker like you? what would the pubic think?" 

While Ego Trip did have more time than Back to the barn to have the one being put down fight back, it's just as powerful. It gave me real 12 feels and I'm just as proud of Pearl as I am of Dexter. On the same network and they both found to stand up for not being belittled by others. 

And to those asking pearl says 'fuck', Ego Trip had the letters D,I, and E flash by when Executive Mandark gets beat up and it's pretty harsh for a kid's movie, even for 1999. With our ever expanding internet, it's honestly a lot harder for CN to get away with stuff. 

Bottom line, I'm making a really weird cartoon network comparison but fuck it 
i'm proud of Dexter. and he needs recognition for what he did too. 

Dexter's Laboratory, Ego Trip (C) Gennedy Tartakovsky/Cartoon Network
Steven Universe (C) Rebecca Sugar/ Cartoon Network

did you know that Gennedy actually helped with the art direction on the SU pilot? 
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he is smart
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