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20 years of science and destruction by Trollan-gurl22 20 years of science and destruction by Trollan-gurl22
Like the celebration of Invader Zim's anniversary I'm late again. 

Regardless, I did the art on paper this time to work on my inking skills. Its kinda messed up but w/e. 
I have only been in the fandom for a year and some months now but I remember alot of childhood memories with cartoon network and some of it's original shows that got the network really going. In short, this show holds much importance to me as much as Scooby Doo or The Jetsons(the movie specifically). Even during the era where Cartoon Network City was used for bumpers, connecting every show that was airing at the time it felt like a family. A place anyone could visit and have a wonderful time. I'd love to see it updated so children today could also get this feeling that there's a friendly place for and made of cartoon residents. 

Basically, I don't think I could ever stop loving this show or how much of an impact it made in animation and cartoon network's history. Everyone praises current shows for so much, but the classics did just as much good and that needs to be seen more. Dexter himself proved you just have to be yourself, and do what you please despite otherwise. 

Happy 20 years little nerd, you'll be loved by many for years to come. 
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April 29, 2016
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