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Thank you for stopping by. Now get ready to get troll-a-fied.

"It is a proven scientific fact, that trolls are the best race. Yet, only 3% of Warcraft's player base actually play them. After much pain staking research it was concluded that 97% of WoW players are genetically incapable of handling just how awesome the troll is."

- The Cynical Brit

Trolls are simply the best. We all know it's true. Here, let us show you.

Please make sure to read each folder description before submitting art.
The groups revolves around World of Warcraft trolls only.
Any trolls outside that genre are automatically declined.


Useful Troll Realted Links


Here are some World of Warcraft Troll related links to fun stuff or information you might find useful to fill your ever growing need to know more troll stuff.

If you think you've found a something that deserves to be here just send a note to the group titled Suggesting Useful Troll Links with the link inside. We will look over it and decide wether it should be added or not.

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Outside Sources

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So I played around with the idea of having a group shop that sells various things, like Character Portraits (with or without bars). You guys could have the option of pimping these up with portrait borders and/or a target portrait underneath.

Now, these are the ideas we've come up with so far, but if you guys had other ideas of things we could sell in the shop we would love to hear them! We may not implement everything right away, but we will definitely take the suggestions into consideration.

Before even thinking about the shop though we wanted your opinion on group currency.

It would be awarded by group participation, but only those that sign up to participate can get it. Especially since we considered giving group currency for just submitting art. Don't want to spam others that don't really care for the shop stuff.

So, how do you guys feel about group currency? Would you participate with this at all?
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