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An idealised self-portrait

Drawing of myself. In my usual spot, doing what I enjoy a lot.

The only difference between the idealised version and real life is that I don't have that star curtain. :3 The black journal, rosary, pen and quilt are very much what they look like in real life. As is the structure of the room. Also, the sword looks different from what it actually looks like. It's actually a plastic sword, but I have cherished the thought of keeping a sword by my bed -- in the idealised version, the sword is by my bed so that should anyone need protection from me that I should wake before my sleep hours are done, I could at least be armed when I come to his aid.

(And yes, I keep a journal. I even titled it Le Carnet Noir, as I had envisioned I would several years back.)

I suppose this is one of my simpler drawings, but oh well.

Drawn on deviantART muro.
Effects done on Photoshop CS5.1 and PowerPoint 2010.
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Wow, wonderful! Music is life!
I couldn't stop to sing when I walk, outside... Same with my next-door looks!
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I sometimes sing during my work or when I walk, but oftentimes I resort to drumming. :) But yeah, I get how that feels.
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It's a shame...that star curtain would've looked so great in real life... :D
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