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War of The Worlds - HG Wells - Men Hunting by

I have noticed that a lot of my artwork was missing on deviant art, I posted more on Renderosity. I'll try to repair this, and upload here some of my best artwork . :-) So here we go with another illustration for Herbert George Wells novel - The War of the Worlds - it is called "Men Hunting" and depicts Martian War Machines on rampage in London.

Ah, and I almost finished to set my new website about 3D botany, and I wanted to invite you to take a look :

Green Gene - All about 3D plants

So if you are interested in creation & rendering of 3D vegetation, if you want to learn about special software for creation of 3D trees, 3D flowers, 3D palms etc... This is the place to check.

Take care, and see you soon with new images !

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Wow nice job 👏🏻👏🏻
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I would love to see a book using illustrations like these - just finished reading the sequel to The War of the Worlds permitted by the H.G. Wells family estate, book is called The Massacre of Mankind
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Awesome work.
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I made an edited version in photoshop and I was wondering If I could upload if I credited you for the original source?
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I first saw this image a couple of years ago and was blown away! This is one of the pieces that got me turned on to 3D art and I've strived to meet your level of excellence, though I am no where near it! Bravo a thousand times my friend!#1 +fav 
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woooow! it remind me the movie~~~~~so cool!!
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This is great.  I like it a lot.  I especially like the touch of the guy at the bottom left corner with his camera.  I guess if one were to push the calendar forward quite a few years, he'd be the equivalent of the hordes of people who pull out their smart phones and start taking pics during any kind of tragedy.  LOL.  The monsters we face may change but human nature never does.  Heh heh.
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this is simply amazing!!! love the details
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Wow, this is cool! This may be one of the most accurate representations of War of the Worlds I've seen.
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Thrilled to see this here - this has always been one of my favorites of your works. :)


Your work is an inspiration

I look at it and think maybe with practise ‘a lot’  I could be that good

Well ok maybe half that good J   

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