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December 30, 2009
Departure from Dead City by ~TroC--czarnyrobert
A classic piece of art that continues to inspire artists all over the world!
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Departure from Dead City


TH Mk504 Scientific ship is taking off from exploration platform near Dead City, and is heading back to The Colony 77. It’s carrying samples & specimens found during exploration of ruins of city that not so long ago crowded with life.

---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ------------------


Set and rendered with Vue 4.5 Pro

Objects: 329
Polys: 1.04 M
Materials: 88
Lights: 20


Spaceship : D.Bates - aka "EBOLII” [link]

Drydock by Nico Weigand

Models mentioned above were retextured in Vue 4.5 Pro using procedural materials.
All other stuff - landing platform, buildings & ruins are mine creation.

So once again we are visiting ET016 planet, and will continue for some time. Shortly I will provide you with other pictures that were taken by science team, while they were trying to discover the mystery of extinction of ET016 civilization. Hope you will like it, and don’t hesitate to sent me your helpful comments & wishes & critics. I promise to send them all to our brave explorers of Dead City, so they will be able to shot even better pictures from this distant world.
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© 2004 - 2021 TroC--czarnyrobert
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MeetMrCampbell's avatar
Really awesome, congrats!
The ship looks like a Cardassian (spelled correctly) Hidecki from Star Trek. But it ain't per normal for a cardie vessel, the paint job and the fore port and starboard 'fins' ain't the same.
Still really like this pic :D good work man!
TheJLArts's avatar
This is fantastic
Dibujantte's avatar
Awesome work, thanks so much for sharing. Joy!
RIVERKING's avatar
Excellent work!
RizarLogic's avatar
Pure awesomness!

Added -
Varieties of SF Experience | [link]
HBKerr's avatar
Featured in my journal [link] :)
kaa-angel's avatar
this is earth 2012, isn't it?
Feyyore's avatar
Hehe. Very very nice job indeed. :3
Sidalicious's avatar
That ship looks really familiar... was it inspired by anything or was it an original creation?
portraitprints's avatar
Wow! This is fantastic. :D
SaintAlbans's avatar
Spectacular work!
ironskillet2's avatar
i can't view it =[
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
awesome ! you are talent
ZandoranCelix's avatar
Looks alot like the Ebon Hawk from KOTOR
xenoside's avatar
actually its an upside down Hideki-class star ship from star trek [link]
why its upside down is what I am wondering
ZandoranCelix's avatar

Thank you for the link, very interesting.
Ozkumeti's avatar
Wow... I am damn inspired.
aiilshaej's avatar
I love the water and the shadows especially, for some reason. :damphyr:
KetySmile's avatar
AhitaheTsuzuke's avatar
Ah,3d dimentional arts...the city looks pretty alive though...
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