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Dead City Explorers


“Family picture” of team that brought to you two previous pictures from “The Central”
They are posing on the upper deck of their hovercraft.
From the left: Prof. Silvia Reeb & Dr Sumi-chan - both two archeologists, Kris Szama - hovercraft pilot, PJ - security android, Prof. Bruce Wildcat - biologist.
All team is carrying pressurized suits, assuring protection from potential chemical or biological threads that were very often encountered inside ruins. Suits provide also oxygen, as ET016 rarefied atmosphere contains not enough oxygen for breathing. Obviously PJ could do without oxygen, as it can function even in vacuum, but one of main security rules is to not differentiate the team and guards.
Another reason is that androids benefit exactly the same rights as humans and other intelligent species.
The fact that they are synthetic makes no difference, especially if you notice that last human was naturally born over 1560 years ago. Actual human race differ significantly from weak & anemic individuals procreated before genetic engineering was applied for reproduction.

You can see two samples of a “plant” or rather it should be called lichen. This organism is a partnership of plant and an “animal”. (Earth’s lichen are plant and fungi cells living in a very close symbiosis)
ET016 “lichen” is very different - two parts are mixed on tissue level - lower part remind Earth’s plants, it contains even chlorophyll molecules used for synthesis of organic compounds. Higher, “animal” part assumes protection of the whole organism. Its nervous system is very simple, but complex enough to detect potential intruder and spread it with a powerful toxin contained in small horn-shaped reservoirs.

On the background, another group of scientists is checking the shuttle wreckage.

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Scene was set and rendered with Vue 4.5 Pro from e-on software

This time credits go to DAZ3D for characters & suits (morphed & retextured), Koz (the master of virtual coiffure - [link]) and Firebat 2000 for his air car (on background) downloaded from [link]

Hope you’ll like it.

Cheers !
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wow! :wow: it looks so real!! :D great job :clap:
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i meant plants... not pants..

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very nice image.. and storyline....

Pants and humans are very similar. We turn sunlight into vitamin d and plants use photosynthesis. This is very well done.
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