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Dead City Colony 77


Dead City Colony 77
have being established in march 3677 on ET016 Earth type planet which was discovered
42 years earlier. Colony was located near ruins of a city erected by ET016 indigenous
civilisation, extinct since over 2000 years.



Scene was made with Vue 4 - almost no postwork
Base buildings, port, rail, park and some industrial stuff was modeled in
Cinema 4D then assembled & textured in Vue 4.
I also used a lot of third part objects to fill the scene :
From : [link]

Roman 'Mad Dragon' Deniskin for his T-16 Skyhopper (the main 3 wing
ship) it was modified and retextured by Dr.Jones

Maciek Skawinski for his Action VI Transport (big ship on distant airport)
(original model by Andre Muller)

Dr.Jones for his Cargo Craft (big ship on distant airport)

Ian Foster for his "Crouscant Traffic" ships (used in the port
as boats)

From: [link]

Scow Transport & Transport Ships (standing on first & second platform)
From: [link]

Moon base buildings used as background industrial structures
From: [link]

Moebius city blocks used for background

Hope you'll like it :-)))
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acierghy's avatar
impressively! Heart I am a dummy! 
thatonekidwhodraws's avatar
i'm confused, I saw this picture on the packaging when I bought Vue 5...did you do the art for them or something?
no matter, wonderful artwork. I always liked the pentagon docks, my favorite part!
Novastorm73's avatar
T-16 Skyhopper action!
youngneo's avatar
aw yo cheater! thats a T-16 Skyhopper from star wars :D good job though. its the best T16 i've ever seen ;P
Xanthe-V's avatar
It's beautiful...
miketakespictures's avatar
Durandal-Thoth's avatar
I noticed the numbers 7 and 42 quite a bit, I imagine thats not a coincidence? :P Anyway amazing picture
larparmit's avatar
excellent work!
jedi58's avatar
hehe, an Incom T-16 Skyhopper! don't see people drawing them often,

nice work, it's very different to most planets you see in the star wars universe!
mark1214's avatar
wow, really great. umm, how did u do the nice water??? did u do that in C4D?
GeneralVyse's avatar
incredible, love the t16 btw i remember when i used to fly one of those, ah those were the days lol
thepunisherone's avatar
gmaximus's avatar
This is fantastic... awesome.
Kazzra-Chan's avatar
Wow. I have no idea what kind of process it takes to make something like this, but I'm betting your very very good at it. :+fav:
sevenofeleven's avatar
Kudos to a fine bit of work.
floydierCG's avatar
impressive work. I have to +fave it
ChaosSky's avatar
wow these pieces you have submitted are amazing, i really love the amount of detail within this one in particular and its definatly my favourite so far

+ fav
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