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Welcome to TrixymsNEW!

What is a Trixym?

Trixyms are a unique species known to live in deserts and other extremely hot places. It is said that one Trixym contains Fennec fox, Scorpion, Mountain goat, and Armadillo DNA. Adults are known to grow up to 6 ft. and weigh up to 300lbs. They have 3 sharp claws on each hand, which is great for digging, but when accompanied with their knife sharp teeth, they can rip even the toughest of foe to shreds. Their eyes change color depending on their mood: Yellow for happiness, red for anger, blue for sadness, green for jealousy, and pink for fear. Their eyesight may be poor, but what it lacks in vision, it makes up for with incredible hearing. Their slim body and long legs allow it to run at speeds of 60km. Their thin, short, hollow hairs keep them cool in the extreme heat in which they live in. Trixyms are omnivours, and mainly feast on cactus, lizards, small bugs, and other plant life in the desert. When they feel threatened, Trixyms curl up into balls, similar to an armadillo and stick their tail out at the foe. Their scorpion-like tail can deliver enough venom to kill 5 elephants. In battles, they can also ram their opponents with their curved horns with the force of a car going 100km/h. They're usually found in small packs, lead by one alpha. The alpha, as well as breeding rights, is determined by the special rings on one's tail. The male with the most rings has the highest chance of getting a mate, and becomes alpha of the pack. These rings are given when a Trixym has made an achievement in life. There are 3 rings currently known so far: The normal ring, obtained through pretty much any achievement in life, the Adolescent ring, obtained when a Trixym has become a young adult, and the Alpha's ring, a gift given to the alpha as a symbol of leadership. There have been rumors of other rings, but no one is too sure. Mates are together for life, and usually produce 1-2 eggs a year.

Trixyms are a closed species. You will have limited access to MYO's. Raffle adopts, auctions, and set price adopts will go out there soon. This is simply something I decided to put out there for fun.

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I'm going to be leaving the Trixym's group.

Running this, along with being administrator of other groups, is not working very well.
I've been over working myself with commissions, other group work, etc. I will watch the group of course to see it's progress if it continues, but if not, then I may shut the group down.

If anyone wants to take ownership of the group, PLEASE let me know soon.

If there are no offers to take over my Sunday, I will either elect one of my staff if they're interested, or as I said, completely shut down the group.

I'm sorry for any inconveniences.
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