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Please Don't Go-Chapter 25 :iconfallenfrominsanity:FallenFromInsanity 48 181
Malfatto - The Doctor by IronMask90 Malfatto - The Doctor :iconironmask90:IronMask90 130 43
Please Don't Go-Chapter 12
A FerrisWheel Shipping Fanfiction
Chapter 12
"Me and dad are heading off to enjoy the carnival. You three have fun!"
Waving, Professor Juniper, her father in tow, left the three teens near a food stand to explore the rest of the carnival.
"So," Bianca mumbled, her mouth filled with food she just bought from the stand. "What do you guys wanna do now?"
"It's rude to talk with you mouth full, Bianca." Cheren said, gently brushing a crumb off the corner of her mouth (earning a small blush from her). "And whatever you want to do is fine with me." Cheren pushed his glasses back up his nose, trying to hide a small blush on his cheeks.
Bianca coughed from trying to swallow her food too quickly. "L-let's head back to the square." She said, pulling Touko's arm as she walked back toward the main square of the Winter Carnival. "Did you see that, Touko?" She whispered into Touko's ear. "Did you see that?!"
"Yes, I did. Way to go." Touko whispered back, nudging her encouragingly with h
:iconfallenfrominsanity:FallenFromInsanity 45 74
Please Don't Go-Chapter 8
A FerrisWheel Shipping Fanfiction
Chapter 8
It was another two weeks after visiting her parents grave before Touko left to continue her journey. Most of that time was spent exploring the sights of Nimbasa City and training her newly acquired Pokemon.
From the egg she received hatched a Deino, and she had also caught a Tympole as well (Touko had felt it was high time to let Servine have some friends to travel with). After training them for a while, they had both evolved; Tympole into Palpitoad, and Deino into Zweilous. Her new teammates got along very well (even though Zweilous liked to bite every now and then, he didn't bite hard enough to become a problem). And Touko, even though she still felt a twinge of fear about it, loved them very much and showed it as much as she could. The nightmares still haunted her sleep. But when she awoke in the night, Servine would just curl up to her and let her go back to sleep - which both were grateful for. When she thought that everyone was r
:iconfallenfrominsanity:FallenFromInsanity 43 41
Please Don't Go-Chapter 20
Alternative Title: We'll Heal Each Other-Chapter 1
A FerrisWheel Shipping Fanfiction
Chapter 20
It felt like an eternity had passed before Touko was able to regain any feeling, but it had only been just a few minutes. Zekrom and N had flown out of sight within seconds of their departure. Though the sun was beginning to peak over the horizon, it did nothing to warm up the chilly northern air that blew through the large and empty room. Which now lay in ruin from the aftermath of the battle between two legendary dragons that occurred just hours ago.
As cold air blew through the room it also blew through Touko. Lying on her side. Her arms wrapped around her torso. Her breaths shallow and uneven. Dried tears staining her cheeks with salt. Blue topaz eyes dark and empty, staring numbly out into the horizon. Shattered heart barely beating. The man she finally realized that she loved: Gone.
But, in a way, this was okay with her. He promised that he would come back after fi
:iconfallenfrominsanity:FallenFromInsanity 49 88
Please Don't Go-Chapter 19
A FerrisWheel Shipping Fanfiction
Chapter 19
N's head was throbbing when he woke up on the cold stone floor in the throne room. He felt disoriented, his vision blurry and splotchy. He heard the sounds of a Pokemon battle nearby and slowly craned his aching head toward where he heard the sounds. Through his blurred vision, he saw four figures - two Pokemon and two human. As his vision cleared and he slowly started sitting up, he finally realized what was happening before him.
Touko was battling Ghetsis.
And just won.
"No!" Ghetsis enraged yells echoed through the room, his final Pokemon falling to the ground defeated. "My perfect plans!!!"
"It's over, Ghetsis. I've won." Touko said calmly, standing tall and victorious. "Your 'perfect plans' are severely flawed."
"Touko..." N whispered, slowly getting to his feet and placing his cap back on his head. "You did it..."
Ghetsis swiftly turned around, slapping N across the face in the process. N once again fell hard onto the floor, gru
:iconfallenfrominsanity:FallenFromInsanity 56 93
Please Don't Go-Chapter 18
A FerrisWheel Shipping Fanfiction
Chapter 18
The sound of a face being slapped echoed through the large room. N fell back onto his cold throne, nearly knocking the crown on its arm over.
"How dare you say such things!" Ghetsis yelled, his hand still raised after striking his son. "It is not over until you put that girl in her place!"
"But!" N retorted, slightly wincing at the sting his father's slap had left on his left cheek. "What if she can't resurrect Reshiram in time!? You just want me to crush her?!"
"You've had no problem with crushing the Champion!"
"That was a necessary defeat! And now I'm starting to believe that you told me that Touko is the hero of truth just so you could force us into battle this way!!"
Ghetsis grabbed N by the front of his shirt, lifting him off the ground. "You're starting to catch on! Yes, at this point, I don't care if the girl is the hero of truth or if she doesn't succeed in reawakening Reshiram! She's been a thorn in my-T
:iconfallenfrominsanity:FallenFromInsanity 46 54
Please Don't Go-Chapter 1
A FerrisWheel Shipping Fanfiction
Chapter 1
Everywhere Touko looked, all she could see was darkness. She wanted to reach out into the darkness; try to find her way out. But her fear kept her locked in place. She could see nothing, feel nothing, hear nothing.
No. She could hear something in the distance. Straining her ears, Touko could tell what it was.
The flat-line of a heart monitor.
No no no!
Touko dreaded this sound ever since she was a small child. She fell to her knees and covered her ears, trying to drown out the sound of someone's life ending. Hot tears streamed from her eyes. She felt her body shaking, praying that the sound would fade and leave her alone.
Instead, she felt the barrel of a gun on the back of her neck.
That stopped her shuddering.
She dared not turn around or even move an inch as she felt the cold metal pressing into her skin. Her fear reached its maximum limit as she let out a blood-curdling scream into the darkness.
The sound of a
:iconfallenfrominsanity:FallenFromInsanity 146 47
YTWC's Nuzlocke 13 by Yamashita-akaDoragon YTWC's Nuzlocke 13 :iconyamashita-akadoragon:Yamashita-akaDoragon 156 112 Lightning XIII-2 Drawing 2 by B-AGT Lightning XIII-2 Drawing 2 :iconb-agt:B-AGT 5,788 504 Facebook by Vidolus Facebook :iconvidolus:Vidolus 225 83 Faith Eliza Dushku Painting by frostdusk Faith Eliza Dushku Painting :iconfrostdusk:frostdusk 146 25 FFXIII-2 - Home 08 by trixdraws FFXIII-2 - Home 08 :icontrixdraws:trixdraws 529 166 Leap of Faith by thehotmageaeris Leap of Faith :iconthehotmageaeris:thehotmageaeris 839 303


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.....Oops. Maybe I should be a bit more active here? I'll try, but hear me out first.

¤ Unlike the last journal said I actually got into a school. Give me less than two years and I'll graduate from there. For now I'm at school five days a week and the weekends at work. So my social life, as well as my time in dA will shorten, as you might have seen.

¤ COOSPLAAY. As you might have seen, I've uploaded some pictures recently. I've yet to upload Kili and Sayaka pictures, and I'm not sure but I might upload some Aya and Widow pics sometime when I'm not too busy. And if there's any good among them, I haven't gone through them properly...

¤ Forbidden Sector is in a complete stand-still. I haven't touched the file since July. It's killing me, and I don't want to force the text forward. I've worked on a couple of other projects, which might see daylight in my Tumblr.

TLDR; lack of time and inspiration, tired and stressed as hell, don't expect me to be too active here but you'll find me from Tumblr kthxbye


Words wounds stamp Strong Female Characters Stamp I Kill My Characters My Memory Sucks And Then Buffy Staked Edward Final Fantasy XIII Stamp Why I boycotted fandoms. x stamp Fav and RUN - stamp Words wounds stamp

- Ritu, Suicca, Trix, Trixita and Vegsu are the most common names I go by.

- I've been to England, France, Germany, Italy, Bulgary and Japan, and I'd like to visit the USA and Australia.

- I can be really energetic, positive and funny, but on the other hand I can be really negative, snappy and short-tempered. And trust me, you don't want to see the latter side of me.

- As a Finn, my English is not perfect. Please forgive me for any inconveniences that may occur.

- Some of my most important an notable RP characters:
. Kretari
. Tarquin
. Niya
. Nimveril
. Warger
. Reznor

-Humans / vampires-
, Trixita Deireanach
, Kre
, Trixita Cahaya-Kegelapan
, Faith Cedrone
, Inizo Andreakos
, Theta

. Cidra
. Saber

If you fave something, I will leave you a "Thank you" message and give you a llama. ;D



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