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Words wounds stamp Strong Female Characters Stamp I Kill My Characters My Memory Sucks And Then Buffy Staked Edward Final Fantasy XIII Stamp Why I boycotted fandoms. x stamp Fav and RUN - stamp Words wounds stamp

- Ritu, Suicca, Trix, Trixita and Vegsu are the most common names I go by.

- I've been to England, France, Germany, Italy, Bulgary and Japan, and I'd like to visit the USA and Australia.

- I can be really energetic, positive and funny, but on the other hand I can be really negative, snappy and short-tempered. And trust me, you don't want to see the latter side of me.

- As a Finn, my English is not perfect. Please forgive me for any inconveniences that may occur.

- Some of my most important an notable RP characters:
. Kretari
. Tarquin
. Niya
. Nimveril
. Warger
. Reznor

-Humans / vampires-
, Trixita Deireanach
, Kre
, Trixita Cahaya-Kegelapan
, Faith Cedrone
, Inizo Andreakos
, Theta

. Cidra
. Saber

If you fave something, I will leave you a "Thank you" message and give you a llama. ;D

Favourite Movies
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, King's Speech, The Avengers
Favourite TV Shows
Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
X Japan, Ra:IN, Evanescence, Nightwish
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy XIII, Pokémon
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Wii, PSP, Playstation 3
Other Interests
Horses, photography, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Hell's Kitchen, Japanese, Pokémon, cosplay
.....Oops. Maybe I should be a bit more active here? I'll try, but hear me out first. ¤ Unlike the last journal said I actually got into a school. Give me less than two years and I'll graduate from there. For now I'm at school five days a week and the weekends at work. So my social life, as well as my time in dA will shorten, as you might have seen. ¤ COOSPLAAY. As you might have seen, I've uploaded some pictures recently. I've yet to upload Kili and Sayaka pictures, and I'm not sure but I might upload some Aya and Widow pics sometime when I'm not too busy. And if there's any good among them, I haven't gone through them properly..
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Seeing as how I've updated my dA account once this year.. I might have to explain a couple of things. ¤ I've stressed about school again, how I tried to get to one for the second year and didn't make it. Also a bunch of other stuff had kept me stressed and kinda occupied, work included. A minimum of 70 hours in three weeks isn't something to laugh at. ¤ Until recently, Forbidden Sector was untouched, but after a sudden inspiration boost I've been working on it. Hoping to upload the sixth chapter by mid-July. ¤ Cosplay. I admit I haven't uploaded too much material of them, but I'm going through some pics from earlier cons, an
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8 months since the last entry? There are reasons. Mostly I've been stressing about school. How I didn't go to one last year, or won't go to this year either. I was one point away from the spot but yeah, no time to cry over split milk. What's done is done, and there's no changing the past. Then there's work. Yes, I actually got a job last September. Not the most luxurious one, but a job nonetheless. The coworkers are all lovely people and most of the customers are great. Now that I don't go to school, I'll be working long weeks, but that's better than sitting on a couch all week and doing nothing. So yeah, there are pros and cons of not goin
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Hyvää syntymäpäivää! :heart:
Yay kiitti watchist! :>
Eipä mitään, ja kiitoksia ihtellesi myös! :'3
Hello sweetheart ~ It's a big pleasure for me to thank you for your favorite on my follow pictures : ''Claymore: +Proud+''. I really do appreciate it and I hope you loved it ! 

Don't be shy to come see my others pictures and cosplay and favorite them if you want. Never hesitate to leave me a comment, your opinion is really important to me ♥

Also, come add me in your Deviantwatch list if you love my work (if it's not already done), I'll welcome you in my followers with a big smile ~ * 

With love,
Kyuuheiki ♥
My metal illness are unbareble now, I don't know what to do, mostly when you have parents who doens't give any support, but think that what they do are great. I already talk with them about that, but my mental illness is treated like a Taboo in my house, so for me I'm somekind of ilegal person, who's just be living here for pity, and cause I couldn't effort a new place to live. I may have to wait if I want to move again, for now I'll live with my parents. It's all for now, thanks for the support...
thanks for the llama! :iconllama-plz:
You're welcome! :'3