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The Trixie Supremacy Drawfest 2013 #3 Winner!

The 1st place winner of The Trixie Supremacy Drawfest 2013 #3 goes to Dreubug! The most delicious of Trixie!

Gallery Folders

Smug Trixie by sofunnyguy
Stay With Me by Zen-Zen-Hitagi
Trixie Bum by mysticalpha
Normal fanfiction
Solo Trixie art
Let go by LupiArts
Advent Calendar: 15- Trixie by LupiArts
Trixie Silhouette Wallpaper by AlligatorGummy
Pfff by lulubellct
Group Trixie art
Trixlings by ShadamyFan4everS
TwiRyu vs TriKyo 2 by c0nker
Bad influence by AlberBrony
Trixie humanized
Trixie Lulamoon vs Fleur Dis Lee Wrestling by avispaneitor
Trixie and Starlight 08 by XJKenny
[MLP] - The Great and Powerful Desktop Wallpaper by Burning-Heart-Brony
Trixie  by starwantrix
Anthro Trixie
Trixie time !! by EOXXY
V-Day-desu by kandlin
Trixie Lulamoon by Edoki
Ringmaster Trixie! by Paleheart-arts
Erotic art
The great and powerful Trixie and Friends-REQUEST by SuperiorInFameA

Mature Content

Trixie awesome in undies by Zap1992
MLP - Trixie  Trap by bimbosparkle

Mature Content

Battle of the Boobs by BurstFireArt
Trixie's sought-after wizard's garb
Friends? by CatsnCupcakes
Who turned out the lights? by EverlastingDerp
Second Chance by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen
The Great and Powerful Friend by WhisperSeas
Commission: Preening by pridark
Other pairings
Tridagio~ by ShadamyFan4everS
Comics and manga
Trixie's Magical Hat - Neggy by Jose-Ramiro
Animation and gifs
Ask Trixie
Paladian Tales: Question Update by Pony-Brush-Stroke
Trixie-zilla by TheOtterPony
The wonderful.. the Power... Trixie! by Cosmic-Empress
Trixie Hugs by wilshirewolf
Inconvenient Trixie by EarthenPony
Crafts and novelties
Gmod and Source Filmmaker
(SFM) Finally it's here. by thesokol
Wallpapers and posters
Dark Trixie Wallpaper by Yamino
Tridagio stamp by ShadamyFan4everS
The Cute and Baby Trixie by Mighty355
Cards and singles
MLP Dota 2 Animated Card: Slayer by Yudhaikeledai
Skins and themes
Windows 7 Trixie theme by PlatinumRarity
Banners and signatures
Firma de Trixie by Darkselia
Icons and cursors
The Great And Powerful Photoshop Icon! by HaloPrime
Emblems and insignias
Obey Trixie_Black Ops 2 Emblem by Dx251
MLoR Parody by MindlessGonzo
The Trixie Supremacy Drawfest - Entries
The Trixie Supremacy Drawfest2013 #4 Fleurescience by fleurescience
The Trixie Supremacy Drawfest - Winners

Fun places of interest

Trixie plz accounts & Ask Trixie tumblrs

These are always a good time! If you locate any that aren't in this collection, post it in the group comments!

:icontrixieseestoo5plz: :icontrixieseestoo2plz: :icontrixieseestoo6plz:
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Five years of Trixie Supremacy, wow, where does the time go? It has been a long journey, though thick and thin. Trixie's fans endure and so shall this group! Thank you for your support. Here's to another five years of Trixie fun!

Trixie overseer

The Trixie Supremacy Drawfest

One dynamic that makes Trixie Supremacy unique from other My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic character shrine groups on deviantArt is the monthy drawing events that are held here. Its designed specifically to satisfy and target the following:

:target: Training for fledgling artists and motivation for those who do not draw and would like to contribute something to the group. The higher level artists will also enjoy a bit of challenge, clashing against other artists on the frontier. Brave or grave!

:target: A method for members, watchers, and pop-ins, to communicate and interact with each other in a not so awkward way. Commenting on each other’s work, giving advice, tips & tricks, and so-on, is encouraged. This will make the binds of the Trixie Supremacy community that much tighter and stronger.

:target: Fueling more wonderful art of The Great and Powerful Trixie!

Please see the group Journal for more details!

Trixie Supremacy is back! 4/29/2016

After an excruciating, painfully long hiatus, Trixie Supremacy has returned, full throttle! Look forward to plenty of our favorite showmare to come! Also, keep an eye on the Journal, as that will be updated shortly.

Welcome to Trixie Supremacy!

The Great & Powerful Trixie's fame and stardom has grown exceedingly high since her first debut in Boast Busters. With Trixie's return in season 3, she has delighted fans all over for the second time, giving the beautiful blue boaster a very promising future. She has appeared several times in the MLP comic series, the Equestrian Girls movie, as well as sporting several toys. The Trixie love lately from Hasbro is strong!

Here at Trixie Supremacy, all of her glory is enshrined for her fans to behold. Nothing shows appreciation for a sassy character such as Trixie better than drawing a fantastic illustration of her, or writing a top notch story of Trixie's adventures in Equestria. For the rest of us poor individuals who can provide neither, simply reveling in said media created by others is good enough!

Submitting your own tokens of tribute to Trixie to be displayed in Trixie Supremacy is a snap! Please take a quick glance below for everything you need to know to be a part of this ever-growing Trixie shrine sanctuary!

:star: Membership :star:

Membership is available to all good souled Trixie fans! Just put in a join request and I will take care of you from there. Membership and Watching Trixie Supremacy alike will let you see all deviations that enter the group immediately as they come in. Visiting the group when you like and looking in the Featured section for all new deviations is also a viable option to get your much needed Trixie quota of the day!

:star: Submission guidelines :star:

Trixie Supremacy has a wide array of folders that covers many types of deviations. Submit your work to the folder that you feel is most appropriate. If you by mistake submit to the wrong folder, or aren't sure where it should be, don't worry! I'll put it where it belongs, so no worries in that regard. Your deviation will not be rejected strictly for putting it in the wrong folder.

The Grandiose and Magisterial Rules of Conduct


Trixie Supremacy is warm to the following themes:

:bulletgreen: Anthro and humanized Trixie incarnations

:bulletgreen: Equestria Girls

:bulletgreen: Shipping and romance between canon characters

:bulletgreen: Adult content and erotica that falls within deviantART protocol

:bulletgreen: Original characters within reason (Trixe is the sole focus of the picture)

Trixie Supremacy forbids the following themes:

:bulletred: Severe violence and gore

:bulletred: Troll or malicious meta art (Things designed to upset the viewer)

:bulletred: Outlandishly bizarre fetish material

:bulletred: Non-canon characters having romantic relations with canon characters

Expected Trixie Supremacy group etiquette

:pointr: Please be respectful to your fellow Trixie fans while browsing and chatting on Trixie Supremacy. Avoid foul language, argumentative & combative exchanges, dialogue aimed at provoking others, spamming, or posting advertisements to adult content.

:wizardhat: In a character shrine devoted to the Great & Powerful Trixie, the most gorgeous and exalted mare in all of Equestria, a zero tolerance policy is in effect for not enjoying yourself here. This is admittedly a redundant rule, as it is impossible to break!


If you have any questions or concerns on group operations, submissions, or anything of that nature, please let me know! Now, go forth and bring the Great & Powerful Trixie all of your offerings. Trixie deserves receiving nothing less than the best of treatment, and so she shall!

Recent Journal Entries

Greetings, boys & ghouls! I'm happy to be on deviantART once again! It has been a very, very long period of time and for that I deeply apologize. Trixie Supremacy has been stuck, frozen in the past, for several years now. Submissions, inquiries, requests for membership, and much more has been left unattended to. Weeds and overgrowth set in and made for very dark times for Trixie Supremacy and those who love to be here.

I can't express how sorry I am that the members of this group, the watchers, and all who come and visit, have been neglected their Trixie fix at Trixie Supremacy for as long as they have. This has happened a few times before with long periods of neglect, which was also my fault, though they weren't anywhere near as long as it lasted this time. Instead of months, it lasted years. Trixie deserves much better than that and so do you.

Again, let me express how sorry I am. It's 100% my fault. I've returned to tend to the vineyard and have it back to its former glory as quickly as I can! I'll do everything in my power to make sure these huge hiatuses do not happen anymore.


Coming back to the group, aside from seeing it left barren for as long as it has been due to my inexcusable negligence, other things made me pretty upset to see. As a sort of Trixie museum curator, it is especially saddening to me.

1. Lost content: This is by far the worst thing because there is no way to rectify it. Deviations removed from the group, for numerous reasons. The artist closed their account and everything they had goes up in smoke. Some deviations the artist will put in storage and now nobody can see them again. Other artists might have been banned or something so their art goes poof along with the account, etc. Really makes me feel awful to see all that great content go. I truly wish there was a way to keep all of it here permanently. Such a shame...

2. Missed deviations: Lots of content got submitted by Trixie artists and fans, but with the group unattended to, they couldn't be accepted and they expired. I'll do all I can to get that content in here by sorting though the expired deviations and renewing them.

3. Missed membership requests: Quite a few people have wanted to join Trixie Supremacy, but again, the inquiries expired and they couldn't join. I'll send out invitations to those who tried to become a member and could not. If you put in another request yourself, I'll see it and accept it.

4. Missing artists: A lot of artists have left deviantART and never returned. Deactivated or abandoned accounts, many with no other place to reach that person, so contact with them is no longer possible. Interests change, life goes on, but it doesn't make it any easier to see those people go and their wonderful art. All we can do is wish them well.

Now then, with all the gloom and sadness out of the way, time for something more uplifting! I've restored the Super Group status so we can idolize Trixie in style. The Trixie Supremacy Drawfest I fully intend to revive as well. Lots of cleaning to do in all facets which is going to take me awhile, but everything will come back together again the way it was before and even better for Trixie Supremacy!

There is much to catch up on, but thankfully, the future has been looking very bright for our favorite show-stopping pony, "Trrrrrrrrrixie!" Always, always need more rolling R's!


"Trixie Supremacy is back for another bout! Was there ever any doubt?"

More Journal Entries


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