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The Things We Do. :icontrixiecherry:TrixieCherry 6 21
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YGO Silentshipping The Growing Grind :icontrixiecherry:TrixieCherry 0 0
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The Growing Grind: CHAPTER 1 :icontrixiecherry:TrixieCherry 2 3
7 Mysteries Academy Chapter 3: Hotel Hijinks.
There was a pregnant pause with the group. The tension was heavy. His heart skipped a beat. His eyebrows furrowed. He filled his lungs with air and let them out with a deep sigh, with one eyebrow raised and his hair rustling slowly with the movement of his shoulders, he asked his next question.
"...What do you mean you still have contact with Mai?"
John fiddled around with one of his golden lock of hair. His bright cyan eyes, shimmering with innocence. "I mean what I said Naru." He answered nervously.
The fresh minty shower invigorated her body; she loved the tingling feeling it gave her skin. Not being fussy with her hair, she used up a small bottle of the hotels shampoo, it came in a brown bottle that was slightly translucent, she didn't mind though, after all it matched the darkness of her eyes. The look and texture of the product reminded her of a one-night stand she had with an employee, slimy and slightly shimmering in murky silver, although she rem
:icontrixiecherry:TrixieCherry 2 0
FYTD Rewrite. In Sheep's Clothing. Prologue
All is quiet and still.
The hazy blue merges with neon orange,
Just before the dawn.
Crisp, chalky gravel are run over.
Listen and you can hear it.
The gentle hum of the engine.
V12 engine.
453 bhp.
This, my friends, is the engine of a Rolls-Royce Phantom.
The driver of this glossy vehicle?
No…that’s nobody important – he’s just the chauffeur.
It's the passenger, taken the back seat & hidden by the tinted windows, who is our main focus.
The most important.
The antagonist.
The man who everyone loves to hate.
The girl he used to love.
That girl, so fresh, so innocent.
Unaware of the danger that came with associating with men such as this…
…such as him.
The first in a long line of people he would later hurt.
Or perhaps…not the first? But one of the numbers down the line?..
A person like him doesn’t keep track… a person like him couldn’t…there’s too many…
He waits, silently surveyi
:icontrixiecherry:TrixieCherry 0 1
Return To The Church
Dark, warm and pleasurable. He found an intoxicating effect that wasn't coming from the alcohol. Her moans were quiet and stimulated, their bodies soaked from the liquids from the party earlier, a simple mistake had caused them to arrive at this situation. Beads of drink dripped from his body and ran down his neck to his hips, draining down towards his v lines on his body and down lower. She held his hair tighter and arched her back upwards, and mouthed the words he wanted to hear as he lowered his head down to silence those lips...
Naru raised his head and grimaced, he muted the alarm on his desk and glared at the sunlight barging through the grey hotel blinds. The dark colour scheme of the hotel room made the light blaze brighter. He shivered and looked down at himself to see he was still naked with only his towel from the night before, it had loosened in the night but
:icontrixiecherry:TrixieCherry 0 0
7 Mysteries Academy Chp1
Naru hasn't seen Mai since he left for England. A case brings him to a haunted school in Japan that seems to have a sinister secret called 'The 7 Mysteries of the Academy.' Knowing full well that Mai would fall for such a thing Naru high-tails it back to Japan dragging Lin with him. But what happens when the gang find Mai & finds out that she has really grown up over the years along with someone called...Kimi?
7 Mysteries Academy
Chapter 1: Back to Japan
Sunlight filtered through the curtains and seeped into the room, dust being projected in the beam and floating around. There were no birds twittering about or animals chirping, just the faint murmur of the gardeners and other staff in the background rising up every now and then. It wasn't a particularly hot or cold day, but there were grey clouds in the air and a muggy mist fading away on the horizon. Typical English weather. Books were laid about on the floor, some still open from the night before, others in a pile to be st
:icontrixiecherry:TrixieCherry 2 0
Final Chances Of Love Chp2 StrikeOut!
Previously, Jaden had just witnessed the girl he loves Alexis Rhodes got married with another guy. He never actually told her his real feelings for her even though they've been friends since teenagers. Now as he watch the slideshow photos he couldn't help but wonder what would've happened if he told her in the first place how he felt, would he be the one marrying Alexis today? Jaden wished deeply in his heart that if given the chance, he'd re-live the awful memories and tell her how he truly felt. That was a wish thought to be impossible by the young brunette, until Banner's ghost appear to him and offer him his help.
"So how about it Jaden? Will you accept my help and enter the photograph, into the past and fix your mistakes?"
He thought about it for a moment. His hand raised to his face in a thinking position. He looked swiftly around the reception room, glancing at the various guests starting to get up and dance; others were mostly drinking wine or champagne. He looked across
:icontrixiecherry:TrixieCherry 5 0
Discovery. Chp1-A Lost Sheppard. (YGX FF)
Thick, black clouds roll upon the sky forecasting a storm too come soon. People walking throughout the city retreat to the safety and warmth of their houses. Only a few rebellious teens were left on the streets kicking a drink can and a few business workers could be seen in there dimly lit offices. In the darkness sat Sheppard, formally known as the head teacher of the world renowned Duel Academy. Embraced but not warmth by the moonlight he sat shivering on the steps of the cities fountain.
Sheppard's Pov:
I was done walking through the streets of Domino City for the night. I was planning to return to Duel Academy two days ago, I guess I should have packed more money right? I search through my bag and sigh defeated, unfortunately I used up the last of my money on food and now that was gone too.
A clap of thunder signals for the rain to start pouring down.
I turn around to see what caused the noise. I was expecting a teenager drinking or smoking but what I f
:icontrixiecherry:TrixieCherry 2 4
Chibi Rainbow by TrixieCherry Chibi Rainbow :icontrixiecherry:TrixieCherry 2 0 Boats by TrixieCherry Boats :icontrixiecherry:TrixieCherry 3 3 Jellyfish by TrixieCherry Jellyfish :icontrixiecherry:TrixieCherry 4 2 Creeper by TrixieCherry Creeper :icontrixiecherry:TrixieCherry 2 0 Corgi's Dream by TrixieCherry Corgi's Dream :icontrixiecherry:TrixieCherry 2 2 Landscape by TrixieCherry Landscape :icontrixiecherry:TrixieCherry 4 0 Shark Attack by TrixieCherry Shark Attack :icontrixiecherry:TrixieCherry 0 0



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Yesterday a bunch of people made a facebook group about me saying I was a thief and a liar...I was really hurt by it but now looking back, I know I didn't do anything wrong and people suck.
So Webtoons have this competition going on aimed at new stories (Discover section) and I really wish I could enter because it's my dream but all these years have gone by & I could never find an artist for my comic idea. 
Just posted a bummer of a status on my Wattpad account. Basically me just saying that I feel like deactivating my account there due to lack of reader interactivity. No-one reads & reviews my stories there and the hit rate is super low. 

Honestly I felt like deactivating my account here too but I was surprised that people reviewed one of the newer stories I uploaded. I guess I'll stick around for a few more months here, but I still think that this site doesn't favour literature art or fanfiction as most people come to this site for other media types of art.

Which leads to the question...should I even stick around here? I'm not an artist. I'm a writer. Stories that are popular here are the comic types? *Sigh* Plus I have like... 3 active watchers? When I made this account 8 years ago I had a bunch of active followers...but now? *ugh* what do I do!!!!


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