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coloring of the line art of HunterK for Nano by trixiatra coloring of the line art of HunterK for Nano :icontrixiatra:trixiatra 6 0 I try to coloring a line-art for the first time by trixiatra I try to coloring a line-art for the first time :icontrixiatra:trixiatra 1 12


Bubble and Mud 2 by ShampooDoll
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Selena and Azura at the Salon
Selena stepped into the salon with Azura trailing behind her.
Selena: Come on Azura! It will be fun!
Selena: I'll even go first if you want, getting your haircut is fun, I did this once when I was young, my hair wasn't nearly as long though.
Selena's pigtails were getting long, they were down to the back of her knees, azura's hair was also a problem, it started to reach the floor.
Selena: Come on Azura! You won't have to keep your hair in a ponytail anymore, I still can't believe you've never gotten your hair cut before!
Azura Stepped inside the barbershop behind Selena, holding her long blue mane.
Azura: We're the only ones here...
Selena: Yeah it's perfect! We won't have to wait for anyone!
Camilla walked in from the back room and greeted Selena and Azura
Camilla: Hi how can I help you two today?
Selena: Hey! Azura really needs a haircut, and I thought I may as well get my hair cut too.
Azura hesitated as she displayed her hair in front of her shoulders
Azura: Yeah I just need a litt
:iconwillstevenson:willstevenson 24 3
Selena and Azura at the Salon Pt. 2
Note to reader: this is a second part that takes place right after Selana's haircut (that I did not finsish writing about)
Selena: Azura come on! You promised you would get your haircut with me!
Azura: My hair is fine! I don't think I need a haircut!
Selana: There's no way you can like all that hair trailing behind you everyday, come on it's just a trim.
Camilla: I won't take off too much sweetie, don't worry!
Camilla gives a mischeivous smile as she snaps the scissors behind her back
Azura hesitantly walks over to the chair surrounded by red locks
Azura climbed up into the chair her friend just got sheared in, with her floor length blue ponytail hanging off the side of the chair.
Camilla: Now let's get started dear. What do you want me to do with this?
Camilla disgusted, picks up azura's ponytail.
Selena: Azura, cut it off! This feel's so nice! It's just hair!
Azura grabs her ponytail from Camilla
Azura: For the last time! I just want a trim!
Camilla: Ok Dear, I'll see what I can do.
:iconwillstevenson:willstevenson 19 4
Palutena cuts her hair
It was a sunny and hot day in Skyworld for Pit and Palutena- today was their day off from protecting the world from Medusa and Hades
How will they spend their day off? Housecleaning of course!
Palutena woke up before Pit, with her hair in a large bun, ready to prepare breakfast.
Palutena yells from the kitchen: Wake up Pit! we have lots of work to do today!
Palutena can hear Pit's snore go undisturbed.
Palutena walks into Pit's room
Palutena: Come on Pit, we have lots of cleaning to do!
Pit continues to snore
Palutena uses her staff to lift pit off the bed, and drops him from three feet above the floor.
Pit: ow! What was that for!
Palutena: You can't just snore your way out of doing house chores you know.
Pit: eh he, I know.
Pit notices Palutena's hair, the bun attached being almost the size of her head.
Pit: Wow, you really mean business palutena, I've never seen your hair in a bun before!
Palutena starts to blush
Palutena: Yeah, it's not often we get time to tidy up the house, so I w
:iconwillstevenson:willstevenson 30 15
Camilla's Purple Curls
It was quiet afternoon in the kingdom of Nohr, Azura was quietly sitting in her bed, reading a very long book. No one was home, so she had all day to herself. That blissful silence was soon broken as Azura heard a crash downstairs, and feet quickly shuffling up the stairs. Azura lowered her book and listened closely,  *CRASH* Azura’s door slams open “GYAAH!” Azura whimpers, “Azura! Guess what!” Selena exclaims. “You scared me! I thought someone was about to murder me!” Azura says sternly. “Sorry! But seriously! Guess what!” Selena says. Azura gives Selena a blank slightly disappointed stare. “What?” Azura says. “You remember how Camilla cut off your hair!?” says Selena. Azura yells: “What do you mean! Of course I remember! My hair hasn’t grown back from that catastrophe! I had to ask Tharja to use her dark magic on me to make my hair grow back faster! My hair hasn’t even grown back yet,
:iconwillstevenson:willstevenson 22 11
Falwen Aubrey by Alucard196 Falwen Aubrey :iconalucard196:Alucard196 16 15 Cut by VoodooCultQueen Cut :iconvoodoocultqueen:VoodooCultQueen 22 2



I try to coloring a line-art for the first time
I try to coloring the line art of hunterK i coloring omly the pigtails i have a handicap so its not perfect because is on a ipad mini via procreate and i can use only my finger so tell me your opinion and send me advice for the continuing of the colorimg
if you want some cute free chibi of your OC come here^^

<da:thumb id="730867819"/>
if you want some cute free chibi of your OC come here^^

<da:thumb id="730867819"/>




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