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G. Lindholm
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United States
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about 
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

I was tagged by AngryMaxFuryStreet 
This mostly ended up just being notes about the evolution of the character.

Maple Woods

Maple is 8, making her the oldest in her small friend circle at school. However,  she has intelligence,  and anxiety, far beyond her years.

When I originally designed her,  I was trying to give Luna a friend who was diabetically sweet and cheerful, to counterbalance Luna,  who was herself originally a little more smart and cynical. I decided to pass on and magnify the smart and cynical traits in Maple,  but she kept the pink hair,  bunny shirt,  and syrupy name. Aria is now the sweet and cheerful character.

I stole her first name from a witch in the Zelda games. It's a secret to everyone.

Maple lives with her dad. Her mom is dead,  although this has not yet come up in the comics.

Out of all the characters in the comic,  Maple is the one I've most based on myself,  although she gets much more reading done than I do, and is more active in backing up her beliefs on social justice, whereas I just write snarky shit online.

Although she's interested in a wide range of subjects from behavioral sciences to physical ones,  Maple's ultimate dream for the future is to be involved with space travel, believing that the future of humanity, and the possible end of all war and suffering, lies in the stars.
She is devastated about Space Force.

She spends most of her free time reading. The books she reads are not intended for second graders. Some of them are filled with violence and sex and philosophical concepts far beyond the grasp of an ordinary child,  but since she's a cartoon character, that doesn't really matter. Politically, I believe she is some kind of leftwing anarchist,  although I think she's expressed socialist views at points. The problem with giving a character your own views is that they may end up kind of inconsistent as you change. I think she's generally the same character throughout though. In any case,  any anarchic views she holds are only in consideration of how to better the world for humanity, it's not the libertarian survival of the strong kind. Food wise,  she generally likes fruit,  and white meats like chicken or seafood. Her favorite color is light blue,  and her favorite animals are rabbits.

Maple has pink hair and purple eyes, usually half closed in frustration. She has a mole under her left eye which some cultures believe represents sadness. She wears star shaped earrings which are rarely seen behind her hair. She wears a blue turtleneck with a rabbit face on it (in my original designs the rabbit always mirrored her expressions, but I decided against that, mostly because if I ever got around to animating it'd just be extra work and look weird). She wears a green skirt,  white stockings,  and black plastic shoes.
Her skin, like everyone elses in Dystopia, is pale. This is due to abhorrent environmental policies in the city, and does not necessarily indicate race. Maple is part Italian and part Japanese, with other, less dominant traits mixed in as well.

I'm not tagging anyone this time. 
  • Reading: Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
  • Playing: Hollow Knight
  • Eating: Some kind of clam nonsense
  • Drinking: Vanilla Coke


2.21 Luna does something stupid (1/3)
Self-explanatory, really.

Am I selling out too hard here? Is a kid being hit in the face with a wrench steering too far into family friendly territory? I can imagine a whole Disney musical about it.

I'm gonna be going on a brief hiatus after a couple more updates. Probably won't upload during August. I need to devote some time to finishing Issue #3, and working on formatting the book I'll be putting out, hopefully by late October. I may do some more mini comics soon too.

As for the thing I was doing for webtoons, having reviewed their guidelines, I've decided not to enter it. Even for unpaid comics, they keep publication rights for 5 years. So, I have about 24 pages worth of that, written down, ready to be pencilled. We'll see when I get around to it.

Okay, anyway, I signed up for a new e-begging service, here:
Unlike Patreon, it's based on one time donations instead of a monthly pledge. I don't expect results, but it's there, and I'll be linking it in the comments of all my comics, along with the Patreon link after I do some revamping.

I am also now on Instagram:…
I won't be posting anything there that I don't post here, but yeah, I am there.
2.20 Please buy this product...
I feel like I should make a note that I'm not a subscriber to any of the theories which are crossed out.
PK Wedding
A group is having an event where everyone is drawing Nintendo girls in wedding dresses. Seemed like a good distraction from working on my new comic, so I decided to draw Paula Polestar, from Earthbound, since no one picked her (total blasphemy), and I've been meaning to do some art based on Earthbound, since it's one of my favorite things (and I still will). Also, she's not in Smash Bros either, the fuck is up? Anyway the dress is based on different frames from the PSI Ice attack, which is why it's blue, although if you've played the game, you might be lead to believe she'd never want anything to do with the color blue again. Anyway, I'm going to find something else that isn't what I should be working on to distract me.


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