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Hitomi Tanaka Head Morph for G8F


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The famous JAV starlet!

Sponsored by IronRoo

HitomiTanakaFront by TritiumCG HitomiTanakaSide by TritiumCG

Feel free to give me constructive feedback, I'm always looking for ways to improve!

If you want to sponsor another character or commission a custom character morph for yourself you can see my commission information here:
Commission InformationUpdated with an ~20% price reduction for Paypal prices. *All prices in US$*
Accepting points or direct payment through Paypal. All payment is upfront.

- Portrait Commission - 2000 points or $20 US
  A head portrait or bust portrait of your female fantasy OC with a simple background.
  I reserve the right to display the piece in my galleries, but you are free to do the same.

- Pinup Commission - 4000 Points or $40 US
  A pinup of your female fantasy OC. Clothed and NSFW variants are included, unless you want only one. Can be full body or thighs-up.
  I reserve the right to display the piece in my galleries, but you are free to do the same.
    - Follow up Pinup Commissions (Using the previously made character) - 2000 Points or $20 US

By downloading you agree not to redistribute in whole or in part, that includes resale.
Free and commercial renders permitted.

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This model looks incredible, unfortunately I don't have Daz are there any alternative file formats available like OBJ, STL or FBX?

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Daz Studio is freely available at and with it and Genesis 8 Female (also free) you can export to a variety of formats including OBJ and FBX. There is a bit of a learning curve to get everything setup, but the daz3d forums are very helpful and there are a ton of youtube videos that cover pretty much every step in the process.

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Yeah I just installed it but the setup is pretty cumbersome, as I just want to import the file and then export it, but it doesn't recognise the file. Thanks for the reply anyway!

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Great job, I was looking for models that looked like him, when it comes to looking for a similarity it is difficult to model combining faces.

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Glad to help. :)

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Nice asian female morps. Thank you for sharing! ;)

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You're welcome! :)

cant beat an asian face. looks authentic. nice.

IAmFaerylWomyn's avatar

Oh wow this is even better then the last one, and thank you.

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Your welcome. There are more Asian characters here, most come bundled with a body morph too.

effin-smartass's avatar

This is wonderful! Is there -any- chance you can also create a body morph for her, too? I've tried using combinations of morphs, and nothing looks quite right.

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If someone where to commission a body morph, definitely. Sadly I don't have time for projects other than commissions at the moment.

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You're welcome!
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Damn...I can't wait to use it.  I am definitely thinking of some gals I just have to narrow down my list I'm stuck right now LuLu Chu, Alina Li, Saya Song and Asa Akira are on the top of my list along with pre boob job Lucy Lee.  I'm going to give Hitomi a whirl and will definitely post your commission and credits when I do.
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Thank you :heart:, I had a feeling you might like it. ;)
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That is incredibly impressive! I look forward to seeing how she progresses!
TritiumCG's avatar
Thank you :), but I was commissioned only to do the head morph. That is to say I have not ruled out making a body morph for her just yet, but it's not on my to-do list right now (unless someone wants to commission me to do it?).
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Also, feel free to check out my works and tell me what you think. 
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You have a cute and unique style, I like it! :)
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