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DOA 6 Marie Rose - Head and Body Morphs for G8F

Sponsored by hammerphilosopher

MarieRoseHead by TritiumCG MarieRoseBody by TritiumCG

Made using ZBrush and Blender for use in Daz Studio based on the Dead Or Alive 6 in-game model.

While her face is very similar to Honoka's there are some slight differences, mainly larger eyes and a smaller nose and chin.

You can find the morphs in "Actor/Head/People/Real World/TritiumCG" and "Actor/Full Body/People/Real World/TritiumCG"or simply search for "TCG".

Check out this amazing render by Renderfem using this morph:

Mature Content

Gun Girl by Renderfem

By downloading you agree not to redistribute in whole or in part, that includes resale.
Free and commercial renders permitted.
Marie Rose is the sole property of Tecmo/Team Ninja.

For more free content check out my freebie folder.

If you want to sponsor another character or commission a custom character morph for yourself you can see my commission information here:

Commission InformationAccepting points or direct payment through Paypal. All payment is upfront. *Absolutely no refunds!* *All prices in US$*
I'm not taking Pinup or Portrait commissions at this time. If you want to try your luck you can note me but don't be surprised if I turn you down.

- Portrait Commission - 2000 points or $20 US
  A head portrait or bust portrait of your female fantasy OC with a simple background.
  I reserve the right to display the piece in my galleries, but you are free to do the same.

- Pinup Commission - 4000 Points or $40 US
  A pinup of your female fantasy OC. Clothed and NSFW variants are included, unless you want only one. Can be full body or thighs-up.
  I reserve the right to display the piece in my galleries, but you are free t

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No file in download bouton...


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Refresh the page.

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It work again

thank you very much!

Many thanks TCG

Thank you. What skin material do you use though? Doesn't look much like Marie Rose otherwise.

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I was just commissioned for the morph, I imagine the commissioner made their own skin.

Thank you very much.

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You're very welcome.

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Very nice. Thanks for ALL of your Work(s).

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You're welcome, feel free to leave renders in the comments if you want and I'll feature them. :)
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Thank you!   ...   :)
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You're welcome! :)
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Thank you very much for sharing this!
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Very nice!
I did notice something, the toggle you made for her size is incorrect. It sets her to about 3' 10'' instead of 4' 10'', making her super tiny. Probably a typo. I use the free Measure Wall 2.0 that's here at DA for double checking.

The body is dang perfect, I might make use of it in the future, maybe for Kanna, who shares her body in Venus Vacation.
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Oops, I'll make a note to update it. I made a cube for 147cm (her listed height on the DOA website) and scaled her to that but like you said, I must have made a typo or something. I'm glad you like her, though she isn't quite as cute as yours. Of all the Marie Roses on this site I like yours best. Her face especially is exceptionally cute.
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When I scaled her, going to about 82-83% hit the 4'10'' mark on the measure wall. 82.5% is probably good. The toggle sets her to 65.1%. I think you nailed her face shape for the most part. The corners of her mouth seem off, but I think that's the UV more than the shape. The thing I am noticing is that the UV map is slightly off in some places, which in turn throws off the texture a bit when applied. Its subtle, but enough to alter her look, especially the brows and the eyeshadow. If you can adjust the UV just a bit without it changing the geometry she would be a home run.

Actually, That's something I'd like to know how to do. Hexagon has a Pinch brush in its UV paint, but I would like to be able to grab the UV map and move it without changing geometry. That would help so much for breast shaping. What I do currently is alternate between pinch and smoothing to attempt to smooth out the UV. I created a texture map of just black dots on a gray-white map. I use this map while painting so I can see how much the dots stretch around. If I can keep the dots close to being round then all is good. I'm not always successful though, and some characters if you look close enough you can see the skin stretch under their breast. Even Daz's own Breast Gone morph can stretch the UV, so it can be an issue even with pros.
If ZBrush can do this I might just have to buy it for that ability.
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