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DOA 5 Kasumi's Head Morph for G8F Daz Studio



This is a direct transfer of Kasumi's face, as close as I could get it given the differences between the meshes. The project was sponsored by Ryselle-3D so if you like this and plan to use it send some love their way.

Ryselle-3D's lovely promo render:
Kasumi Portrait by Ryselle-3D

You'll find the dial in "Actor/Head/People/Real World/TritiumCG" or simply search for "TCG" or "Kasumi."

The morph has been rigged with Morph Rigger Plus which means all the face bones are where they should be, so for expressions I definitely recommend using Powerpose, packaged expressions will mostly not give satisfactory results due to the distinctness of the morph. Also, while her head may seem a little smaller it is exactly the same size as her skull in DOA. I tried to match her as closely to the source material as possible. Given the differences between the meshes, I would say the morph is about 95%-98% identical excluding the eyes, ears and inner mouth.

If you want to sponsor another character or commission a custom character morph for yourself you can see my commission information here:
  Commission InformationI've been putting this off for too long but here is breakdown of all the services available.
All prices are in points. You can buy points using Paypal or Credit Card, just click on the "Shop --> Points" button.
- Portrait Commission - 2000 points
    A head portrait or bust portrait of your female fantasy OC with a simple background.
    I reserve the right to display the piece in my galleries, but you are free to do the same.
- Pinup Commission - 4000 Points
    A pinup of your female fantasy OC. Clothed and NSFW variants are included, unless you want only one. Can be full body or thighs-up.
    I reserve the right to display the piece in my galleries, but you are free to do the same.
- Head Morph only or Body Morph only Commission - 3000 points
    For Daz Studio Genesis 8 Female only. A completely custom design or based on an existing character or person. It is your job to provide adeq

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Free and commercial renders permitted.

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