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Heartstrings ch6/p01 - Minty Horse Problems

By TriteBristle
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:iconlyraponyplz::iconsays3plz: What song are you humming?
:iconbonbonplz::iconsays3plz: Why, the Heartstrings theme song, of course!

And so starts chapter 6. About a week has been gone since the previous chapter, in the meantime our heroines went on their daily lives. Bons tending the shop, Lyra usually by her side whenever she's not having a guild meeting. Things moved rather slowly, but they are about to escalate. :3

(I'm pretty sure I missed fixing quite a few mistakes on this page, but it's 3 AM here and I don't have the strength to look into them right now.)

Next on Heartstrings:
:iconlyraponyplz::iconsays3plz: Who could that be?
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I think she annotated mioshbcwfvgycbhucnjsqmxojqsnhiwdbg or something like that
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Silly Lyra, it feels like it has been years because this comic has been here for years. 
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What was the Mad Sciency Stuff (if any) in the notebook that Lyra is now populating with her entries?
Do we even want to know? Or is it a labeled yet empty book and this is just a wild goose chase?
I just went off on a tangent due to the scrawled out book label... N.V.M.!

'I'm the B to the O to the N and doubled / If you visit my candy shop, it won't be trouble
I'm the mare that can satisfy your sweet sweet craving... I'm BonBon-licious."

Panel 5: I called it! History about Star Swirl = I am eager to hear it! Panel 6: A few books (steps in the friendship lesson). [That's what she said]. s6e1!
BonBon looks so! much! d'awwwdorable! in panel 13!
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"The best elements can spread light and virtue, and I know ponies that represent them all."
That's a start to Starswirl's life. Well, when he gathered the "pillars of harmony". Anything before then is, well, who knows. IDW? Doesn't seem to fit anymore.
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oh, this is so cool! The regale-ing! The epic tales! Buckle up! Legends on call!
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The-WaithStudent Digital Artist
Yes you did. Also I knew that symbol had something to do with Star Swirl the Bearded.
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that last panel made me think of a scene in one of Isaac Asimov's "foundation" stories: this girl had a fancy gadget that wrote down what she said, and she was using it to write a paper for school...BUT she forgot to turn it off when she answered the door, so it wrote down the entire conversation!
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Bonbonlicious humming! Surely the best humming there is. And I thought nothing in this one would be funnier than the "Mad sciency stuff" journal.

Also, I wonder if because she *is* doing with with magic, she didn't really intend to write all that and it sorta happened on autopilot. Does it work like that?

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Her magic arms kinda work like regular ones, even without focusing on it. (In turn she has great difficulties learning proper magic spells.)
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ShadowSwirlProfessional Digital Artist
lol, yep XD 

Also I was wondering.. if she uses magical hands would she get a hand cramp? Cause I always get those and that is what I was thinking through most of this XD
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LoyalDefenderStudent Artist
By the way, I'm worried my family will see this, and think I'm reading an inappropriate story. So, Trite, can you tell me what genre(s) this story is, just to be safe and to be sure?
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LoyalDefenderStudent Artist
I'm not gonna lie, I  once wrote in my journal for almost 3 1/2 hours. 

I also wrote in journals SO MUCH, I have four journals full of entries.
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ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
"Mad sciency stuff"?
TriteBristle's avatar
Mad sciency stuff.
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Is awesome!! QwQ
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Why is this one a jpg and not png? It reduces image quality
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Also halves the storage space required to store the image, compared to (Inkscape's) png version. The quality reduction is 10%, which is well within the tolerable domain.
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Wait... Lyra is left 'handed?' or left 'hoofed'?
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NECESITO LEERLO EN ESPAÑOL POR FAVOR LO NECESITO ME ENCANTA ESTE CÓMIC Y NO ENTIENDO MUCHO DE LO QUE DICE!!!! Por favor le pasas las paginas siguientes a raimundo1941 para poder seguir esta hermosa historia gracias  
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TheKoboldNecromancerStudent Writer
You know, I'd love to see Bonbon this happy in the show.  :)
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Because the Lyra-levels in her blood aren't this high in the show, I fear. That's something that needs to be fixed. :3
TheKoboldNecromancer's avatar
TheKoboldNecromancerStudent Writer
They HAVE hinted that there will be more background ponies involved this season.  No spoilers, of course, but you know, they're already bring fan favorites into the foreground more already.  ;)
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AllanpikeHobbyist Writer
XDDDD. Lyra really wrote down a lot!
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