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Heartstrings ch5/p04 - Srsly Ponyville


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The time will come when our heroines will be needed to save the day! But that day is not this one. The spotlight was taken from them, but did their action really go unnoticed, etched into ponies memories merely as part of the celebration? Or did it start a whole new chain of events, leading to bigger things? Stay tuned to find out! :3

For those who missed it, the sky is brightening up in the last 2 panels, Celestia is raising the sun as they speak. Also the agents started to spread the good news to ponies around them. (They seem to have some sort of telepathic spell.) At least that's how it more or less went down in this particular alternative universe. In the episode, about 40 seconds went by between NMM's defeat and the first light of the waking sun, so theoretically it's plausible.

Or, could it be that the agents had something to do with the news spreading this fast? There's certainly a lot of them in Ponyville as we know it already. :3

:icontootsiefluteplz: :iconsays3plz: My hero is sad! Gotta find a way to cheer her up!

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:iconbonbongrumpyplz::iconsays3plz: Let's get out of here before they make us participate in a group dance or something.

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Rereading this (partly for nostalgia, partly to re-acquaint myself with the story); and whenever Lyra has that guitar in her magic aura I'm loving it!

>It's as if you, TriteBristle, took inspiration from an Ibanez Gio model guitar. My headstock looks similar to your drawings.
  You also gave the body the same black border and light brown center as mine.

>Something else I'm noticing is that Lyra might be using a hybrid (electric and bass) guitar - basses can have 20-24 frets depending on neck length
  and it has the six strings of an electric. The best of both 'worlds'! Nice!