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Heartstrings ch4/p3 - After breakfast time


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Shamelessly reusing scenes to make the updates faster. :3

What language the notebook is written in, you ask?
One of these: French, Serbian, German, Croatian, Italian or Hungarian. Doesn't matter which one, so I leave this up to your headcanon. But it will matter later on. (plot-driven coincidence) :3

In this comic, Equestrian Common and English are considered pretty much the same language, though they differ in some words and expressions. (Let's say Canadian English, since the show is made in there.) More will be revealed about the cause of this later in the story. ;)

Yep, she's just jealous, Tavi is actually a nice girl. ;)

Also, BonBon is wrong on another thing: Ponyville is getting a new librarian as they speak. :3

:iconbonbonplz::iconsays3plz:10 bits says she will get lost...

(I'm experimenting on a new format, doing everything (including the captions) in Inkscape.)

As always, MLP:FiM is owned by Hasbro and created by :iconfyre-flye:, please don't sue me.
proof-read by: :iconthe-poko::iconyuriwolf:
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"She's going to steal my girlfriend"
"Isn't she banging that Vinyl girl?"