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Heartstrings ch1/p1 - Mare meets mare

And so it starts.

This is the very first time I draw ponies, let alone digitally, using only a mouse... Also, I'm not an artist, so don't expect visual wonders. :P
I'm here to tell a tale (on my own clumsy way), a tale about two hearts finding each other, a tale about love, friendship, secret pony organizations, inter-universal traveling, saving the world over and over again. So mostly the usual stuff. Lyra and Bonbon were always in the background, while the camera was mainly focusing on the mane 6, but the background ponies also took their part in saving the day. How? Stay tuned, and you'll see.

Next page: [link]

Also, note: This comic was/is made primarily for mature audience, even though there are no NSFW scenes in it, non-graphic violence and possibly frightening scenes can (and do) occur (even though very, very rarely). That being said, the general atmosphere of the comic is supposed to be a cheerful love-comedy, with drama elements. Hope you'll still enjoy it! ;)

MLP:FiM is owned by Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:, please don't sue me.
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Welp, time to read this again. This comic used to be such a big part of my childhood
ZanarNaryon's avatar
I wanna read this awesome comic again... But then I'll have to see all my dumbass old comments again
TriteBristle's avatar
Just like how I want to re-read it so I surely wouldn't make a plothole, but then I'd have to see how terrible most of this looks like. xD
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don't worry about plot holes too much. real life has many incidents that read like the people involved are suffering plot induced stupidity or forgetfulness.  I'm more interested in what will happen when both her past as alternate universe being and her pony local version's life come to a head. as i recall during this time Lyra was in caterlot before twilight left for ponyvillie. than again it could be a show flashback i'm remembering. 
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Looks like EStories own you.
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They own my utmost respect alright. :)
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Has I really been 5 - 6 years already Jesus I remember seeing this way back in August 2012 IT WAS AMAZING AND I LOVE THIS COMIC SSSSSSOOOOO MUCH!!!! It's got great characters Fantastic Lore and extremely sympathetic & funny!!! The art is pitch perfect attention to detail perfect ITS ALL SO GREAT!!! And thank you so much TriteBristle you were and always will be… AWESOME!!!!! And I can't wait to see the future of this comic!!! (And yes I have read it all up to date and I will post this on the most recent page too!
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Can I use this to do voice over on youtube? :D
TriteBristle's avatar
Sure, though there already been a couple of people who did one. They stopped after a while (because I was too slow with the updates), so it's also an option for you to pick up where they left it. :)

Also, don't forget to link my comic, please. ;)
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OMG yus i love this
ShadowSwirl's avatar
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X3 It is the best! I just finished what you have done and I love it X3
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Can't stop rereading this :O This is probably my 3. or 4. time to start from the beginning again
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Ai na vedui Trite. Mae G'owannen
Back from vacation, and ready to read this once again
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This looks remarkably like the opening to the good pokemon mystery dungeon games.....If this is going where I think it;s going.
AlicornGamer's avatar
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon?
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AlicornGamer's avatar
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Hey Ma! Ma! Is Awesome! :iconspeediskey:
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Why am I reminded of JackScepticEye?
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Ok I can tell Im going to thoughly enjoy this 😆
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