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Looking around like a rabbit trapped in a wolf's den, perception confused and distorted, like a broken mirror. but it is safer than the outside, or is it? how to reach the outside? it is through the shard, with the wolf. is there no other way? perhaps, with some well-executed jumps? blood rushes freely from the cuts. bad jump. maybe again? another, somehow different, inside the den. "come, follow me." no, can't trust, can't love. one more jump should do it. more blood. "Come, follow me." nothing left, trapped, with the emptiness of fear. "Come, Follow Me." trapped, with no hope. "Come, Follow Me." one step, then more. "That's good, keep coming, follow me." more twists, more turns in this world of warped perceptions, this world of mirrors. shafts of light, strips of grass. "no, don't stop, follow me." on and on, this blood soaked land, further and further. a lake, with fresh water. "No, don't stop, follow me." farther, more steps, almost there, no more energy. arms reach and lift me, an
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Flying as the Kleenex Flies
flirting with the air
softly caressing
diving, dropping
uncharted movement
doing the unexpected
trying to avoid capture
          it is caught
like a leaf in the breeze
like a streamer at the smallest party in the world
like a mist, swelling from the rain
like an ancient piece of paper, finally penned
life finds fulfillment, in a moment.
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A Dream of Dreams
I float on a sea of thoughts
the whispers of memory blowing
the fire of want and need
the engine of my mind is far below
resting in a valley of thorns
the white froth of the waves cradle my soul
as the swan awakens the wary white willow
the sun has smiled and gone
and the stars sing me to sleep
I sink into nothingness
a mother holds her son
a sky is devoid of clouds
a room is undecorated and white
and so, I dream...
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Everybody's Filth
Darkness, as cold and black as a lizard’s tongue
snatching flies from the air.
It washes over my body like a bath of ice cold water
in an old, rusted tub.
the Darkness of fear, loneliness, and insecurity,
the third is the midnight of the three.
casting its cold, wet spray on every aspect
of my days, and especially my nights.
The night is when it catches me
I am a stone
to some, I have the green moss of kindness.
to others, I have the cracks and crevices of wisdom.
to others still, I am simply a stone,
one that can be held onto, or tossed away to be swallowed
by the tide of life.
I am not a stone.
I am an empty shell, caked with a hardened crust of dirt and grime,
looking solid, hard.
but, if I am dropped, I may shatter and crumble
into myself.
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Call Me P
Call Me “P”
The poignant and perfect pretend to place pennies in pensions for the purposeful poor, who’s primary purpose is purchasing products which were produced by pegging pittances on the perps who pay the price for all peoples. Predestined to prove a pragmatic plot of pestilence and plunder of people, Jesus propagated peace and partnership while playing the plague to the prosperous. Peace was pregnant with a price, however, so parley was impossible. Perhaps a payment of powerful blood, pooled before Pentecost promenades? The proud and the powerful, pessimistic and peckish, pined for prayer of repentance.  For the powerful ploy pulled down pride and paganism, paper-purchasing all peoples’ peace and progression perpetually.
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How to Spell Eternity
How to Spell Eternity
Verse 1
I see you sitting on your porch
The God we serve has given you a torch
Your friends are sitting over there
They’re going to hell and yet you just don’t care
Chorus 1
You’re killing them
They’re waiting to hear from you
You’re killing them
They’re waiting to hear the truth
You’re killing them
And this is how you spell eternity
Verse 2
The people you see every day
Are walking dead until you show the way
They need God’s blood to wash them clean
And it’s your job to bring them to their knees
Chorus 2
You’re killing them
They’re waiting to hear from you
You’re killing them
They’re waiting to hear the truth
You’re killing them
God’s love needs to flow through you
And endureth on
After you’re gone
But you spread your wings and fly away
You convince yourself every day
That your conscience is clear
That the words that you hear
Are not filled with the fear that’s inside
And t
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Nathan Martin
Favourite genre of music: Diverse tastes
Favourite style of art: Conception
Favourite cartoon character: Garfield
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Beautiful work. I wonder, Trit, what inspires you?