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I'm just a guy who likes to draw bird-people for fun.

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Top Gun, Full Metal Jacket, Starship Troopers, Legends of the Fall
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Outlaw Star, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Last Exile, MXC
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Sharpe's Rifles, Gaunt's Ghosts, Hellsing
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Morrowind, Doom, Dawn of War, The Sims, Empire: Total Loading
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Birds, Freedom
Has Avania really been running for 5 years already? Time sure does fly… I would have liked to celebrate this milestone with some kind of cool new illustration or such, but as I am also just now celebrating my son’s first birthday, I will more than likely have to wait until I have regained the free time for such luxuries! To be honest, I would have also liked to be announcing the next chapter of Avania soon, but alas that will also have to wait a bit longer than in previous years. I am making progress on completing chapter 17′s pages, but with an energetic, inquisitive, and highly-mobile baby, producing comic pages is very slow going at the moment. As I mentioned in the Post-chapter 16 Status Update, I am considering splitting chapter 17 into two parts so as to not make everybody wait so darn long before getting another chunk of story. There is a natural break for it, and given how things have gone in the past few months, I believe this will be my course of action… How long it takes
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I haven't tried a poll yet on eclipse-DA, so how do you feel about all these Kirone pinup alternate versions?

29 votes
KP2 1b
KP2 1b
Plz stop
Kp2 2
Kp2 2
They're fine, just continue posting other art in between
Kp2 3
Kp2 3
They're great--Post MORE!
Kp2 4
Kp2 4
Other (comment below)(or just want to see results, if applicable)
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Whew, back on the ground once again... And with the arrival of the White Knights at Frontier HQ, the ever-increasing cast of characters is finally assembled at this story’s principal location! There is a lot of excitement yet to come of course, and a bit of drama too... I’m very happy to already be this far into the first season-arc of Avania. Even if “already” has taken the course of nearly 5 years now, time sure is flying by! Chapter 16 was the first chapter I have finished while a new father, and the production experience was more challenging than for previous chapters, to say the least... Never the less, I think the result was fantastic and worth all the [additional] time it took! From what I can estimate based on my current situation, I expect the upcoming chapter 17 will take a bit longer by comparison, owing to the balance of the total page count for Issue No.8 skewing slightly heavier for this next chapter. Sadly, I’ve also received some not good news that may affect my
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i like art horse characters. say are they based on a darker version of mlp, because they can use magic and their world is pink?

Thank you for writing a pretty good aviation comic, it definitely scratches an itch for me no other web comic does. :)

Thank you, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it! :D

Happy birthday

Kinda new here, but I liked seeing the Avania Mail segments. Mind if I chip in?

Hi there, glad to hear you're enjoying Avania Mail!

If you want to ask a question, you can submit it at

(Just be aware that I'm pretty behind on the queue at this point, so it'll probably be a while before I get to the newest questions!)