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Do NOT redistribute any information given in this tutorial it is (c)Tristiahna and any duplication, re-upload, claiming, or redistributing of any manner is theft.

EDIT!: Added information from *endlessbard in the "Fabrics" section! Thank you <333

There you go! Part I. Part II will consist of details and props :P *dies* that took FOREVER....T.T; Also I am sorry for any mistakes... it is hard to keep reading over and fixing things

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Edit (2/10/13): I went back and fixed some spelling errors and statements.
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I would like to offer you as much gratitude as I can for writing this piece! I'm sure I am not the only cosplayer who has felt their confidence in their cosplay abilities lifted by this well-written and helpful article <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt="=D" title="=D (Big Grin)"/>

You manage to give clear directions and recommendations without sounding demanding or derogatory to anybody- you merely point out some of the common flaws with cosplay and offer useful and polite suggestions on how to fix them. You section about wigs is particularly helpful- I know that several of my friends share your opinion about wig quality and I'll certainly recommend that they read this article.

Overall, your writing style flows neatly and is creative without straying from the topic at hand. You should be very proud of your efforts here and feel good that your work is able to help so many aspiring cosplayers~