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Outline Of Kingdom Hearts Chest Piece Tattoo

This is the outline of my Kingdom Hearts inspired tattoo, soon to be fully coloured in.
It's a big part of my life and that shows how the game series got me through a lot and taught me more life values than my family ever did.
It's a heart in the centre with a keyhole and crown, inspired from the classic Kingdom Hearts style crown, with wings coming from the heart which include the Oblivion and Oath Keeper keyblades, which represent light and darkness.
Couldn't be happier with it
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Ugh. So beautiful.
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I wish i was that dedicated. I only have a kingdom crown on my wrist
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Wow, that's going to look incredible when it finished! :)
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Sorry, I should have looked through the rest of your gallery. It looks amazing, still :)
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That is freaking awesome!!
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This is the best tattoo i've ever seen *truth*
:omg: *blinded by the light*
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Haha thank you! It'll look better when it's coloured :3
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((Oh my gosh I love Kingdom Hearts! Are you planning on getting this colored? Though it looks really painful :[ ))
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It's gonna be really colourful! I've got two, four hour sessions left until this is finished! I have my first colour session tomorrow, which I think will get the wings and maybe the heart done, then I think it'll be a few more weeks until I can get it finished because of money and things, which will colour the keyblades, other details and give it a background glow :3
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((Ooh. Ouch man I don't think I'd want to do that xD ;; Good luck with that! Post more pictures of the tattoo when it's finished :D ))
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Yeah it's gonna be soooooo painful D: Just with the outline I passed out twice and colouring apparently hurts a lot more, especially in the centre of the chest and up near the collarbones! I'll upload another picture after my first colouring session, then I'll upload a final one when it's all completed :D
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((Oh my gosh ; n ; Stay strong! :] I bet it'll be worth it in the end ^^ ))
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It will be, otherwise I wouldn't have gone for it in the first place, I knew how much pain I was getting into :P
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((You've had a tattoo before? :P I hope they color it nicely ; w ; ))
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I have the Heartless symbol on one wrist, and the Nobody symbol on the other! (I love Kingdom Hearts)
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omg thats so awesome! :) its a great design that you thought of
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i love this!!! im a huge fan of KH! :D it looks great!
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That is gonna look so awesome!!!!! when its colored in :eyepopping:
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