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Hair extensions stock

single piece of hair is 1200 pixels wide and 2900 pixels in height

By purchasing/saving/downloading this PNG you agree to abide rules below. If you don't like these rules do not download/save this PNG.

If you are publishing here, at DeviantArt your work made with these hair - crediting me is required. Put clickable link in the description of your work. That is a must. Violating this rule is breaking mutual agreement that is made when you purchase this stock.
If you publish your work outside DA credit if possible. Either by just writing "Hair by" or even better by linking directly to stock used. But if your space for credits is limited, or for other (reasonable) reasons you can't put credits - it's okay.

Author retains all copyrights to the enclosed materials, Buyer is not purchasing the contents, only the right to use the contents. Buyer may not redistribute this archive file, in whole or in part unless explicity stated in an addendum within the product purchased and only to those specifications. Buyer may not store it any place on a network or on the Internet where it may potentially be referenced by a third party. Author retains the right to resell this work at any price to anyone else, or stop selling it at any time.

If you create your original digital artwork with this PNG used you have full copyrights to your artwork and you can use your work commercially. No need to ask me for that. Permission granted for commercial use. However:

This PNG file  in its original form may not be reposted on any other sites for free and this png may not be sold or offered in exchange for personal gain. If you want to share this png with anyone give them this link: Hair extensions stock

It is prohibited to make other stock/resources/tubes with this PNG and offer them for free or for personal gain.

PNG hair on transparent or isolated background © Dorota Joanna Pijewska aka Trisste Mayfair
Promo image © Dorota Joanna Pijewska aka Trisste Mayfair
Derivative Artworks made with that PNG © Artist who created them

I have spread my dreams under your feet
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams
Rozpostarlam swe sny pod twoimi stopami
Stapaj delikatnie, gdyz depczesz moje sny
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1458x1000px 1.85 MB
© 2014 - 2021 Trisste-stocks
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thank you so much

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Many thanks! :heart:   ( I used two of your hair works in this piece; both have been credited)


  Chilling with the Rats by LindArtz

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Somewhere I Belong by MysticSerenity
Hi I used your stock here. Thank you so much 😊
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How to have this? Pls answer ASAP pls
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Thank you very much! Used here: Sun in Leo
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Thx 4 the stock! ----> Kely by SparkelyKitten  

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Thx 4 the stock! ----> Red Angel by SparkelyKitten  
Thank you! Just bought it, will add link after my artwork is finished :)
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I used your stock.
Sweet dream by ladyjudina
Sweet dreamby ladyjudina
Thank you!
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