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Doge - Wow! So Valentine! Much Love! Such Friend!



Huge thanks to everyone who chose to send it to their friends :huggle:

Athough this is my 31 year of not celebrating them :dummy:
In case if you are from Earth-2 and you are not familiar with Doge meme - all this anti-grammar craziness is intentional.

It's not a font, it's my handwriting :P I'm aware that is "should be" Comic Sans but... well... it's not :dealwithit: 

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Artwork © Dorota Joanna Pijewska aka Trisste Mayfair
Dog character © Atsuko Sato

Commercial or printed editorial  not allowed without my written permission.

Wszystkie moje prace chronione sa prawem autorskim, uszanuj moje prawa i nie kradnij moich prac.
Wykorzystywanie moich prac w jakikolwiek sposób bez mojej wiedzy i przyzwolenia wedlug prawa jest równoznaczne z kradzieza.
I have spread my dreams under your feet
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams
Rozpostarlam swe sny pod twoimi stopami
Stapaj delikatnie, gdyz depczesz moje sny
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points for ConneryandMoore