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June 25, 2016
HOW TO MAKE YOUR ART LOOK NICE: Lighting by trisketched is an thorough and detailed introduction to lighting that is a must read for artists. Be sure to check out the other tutorials in the series!
Featured by Cassy-Blue
Suggested by RAMWOC87
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Think your drawings are lacking that extra “oomph”? Maybe adding a little bit of lighting can help!

It's been a while and I had this topic queued for a LONG time. If any of you guys have questions about this, let me know!

EDIT: A DD?? You guys are too kind ;_; Big thanks to RAMWOC87 and  Cassy-Blue for the suggestion and feature!

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BMLulu's avatar
Thank you for the tutorial! A really good intro to how lighting can really make or break a drawing.
Eva0707's avatar
This is how teachers should teach. I already knew the stuff about absorbing and bouncing off colours, but man, that apple really makes you remember this thing, not the teacher in gray classroom, with bored expression on the face, as I was tought this... Good job, looking forward to see more!!! :D
trisketched's avatar
Thank you! I made this series to remind myself of all the (small and big) things I've learned so far. Glad you found this useful!!
Eva0707's avatar
Ahhh, yes, that explains it... It's always best to work for yourself, and if it helps others too, it's double awesome! ;) At least in my opinion. :) -E.
AphelionMars's avatar
Huh, I never thought about how direct light overpowers indirect light. Oops! Thanks for making this tutorial, very helpful and comprehensive! 
JulesHawke's avatar
Awesome tutorial, thank you so much for sharing.
UntoldPromises's avatar
Love this! Thank you so much for your in depth tutorial. Simple and fun to follow! :D
ringonoki's avatar
ipskrimson's avatar
This is really helping! Thank you so much! I'll definitely take what I've learned! ^w^
Rita-Ria's avatar
Renewalazar's avatar
I thought light was a wave length?
trisketched's avatar
Oh man you're totally right X( My bad!
CelestialDarkMatter's avatar
Photons (light) can act both as a particle and a wave :) (Look up the wave-particle duality of light) Technically you're not wrong with what you wrote in the tutorial haha
trisketched's avatar
wow, thanks for the clarification! That's actually what I was initially thinking.
Renewalazar's avatar
We all make mistakes! This is still very helpful in parts with regarding direct lighting and indirect lighting so thank you so much for that!
psc2012's avatar
Very Helpful...Congrats on the DD!
You "enlighted" me. Thank you so much.
thepacksurvives's avatar
This will help me so much, thank you for making it! 
trisketched's avatar
it was my pleasure!
taivaankaarta's avatar
Very helpful! Thank you! :D
Also, congrats on the DD! That's awesome!
ainelovia's avatar
It's really helpful, Thanks much for your tutorials! Light  can tell a story for pic.
LindArtz's avatar
Congratulations on your much deserved DD!
Congrats on DD By Marphilhearts by LindArtz
theAnimeNut's avatar
Oh my God this is exactly what I needed!

Congrats on the DD by the way! :clap:
trisketched's avatar
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