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Feel that your drawings are stagnating? Maybe there's something missing? For those struggling with their styles and finding inspiration, this might be the thing for you!
This tut was in limbo for several weeks/months because I wasn't too sure of the direction it was taking, writing-wise. Anywho, for some background about this tut: I like experimenting with different drawing styles and I've been doing it for a couple of years now. I then realized that I should make a tutorial about it and how it can improve the quality of your drawings.


Lighting | Flow and Rhythm | Thumbnailing | Mindsets | Reference and Style | Color Harmony | Contrast

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this helped me much more then i expected.since i had noone really artistic in my family i just assumed the only way to get a art style was to just draw something and then that was your style and you had to live with it but mu issues were that i couldn’t draw hands feet or a face so it leaves my drawings looking half finished so im basically saying thank you for some actual advice on how to draw for people like me who don’t know what they’re doing.
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thanks for this 
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Can you plz maie this downloadable?
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Hi! This is in its original file size! You can just right-click and save the image :)
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It makes me happy that you made this and other tutorials. It is very generous of you. 
I'll fav it so someone else might stumble upon it like I have. 
Best of luck with everything you do!
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This is just what I needed to boost my motivation even further. Thank you so much, I'm saving this to my Insprational Art folder if you don't mind.
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Very glad to hear that ^_^ also feel free!!
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one day i'll kill myself
Wow, I could not find a more in-depth, advanced, and relevant guide to help me out, thank you so much.
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This was helpful and inspiring, thank you ^^
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people are starting to say I have a style but I hate my current style I really don't like how I draw right now I hope I can step away from my current style and try to experiment around more /:
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I love your tutorials, they are very helpful! :)

Quick question, do you have any advice for drawing in different perspectives and angles? That is seriously something I cannot do without severely messing up the anatomy/proportions/and style of my characters or whatever is being drawn.
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Hey glad you love them!

Being consistent with drawing at different angles can be pretty difficult. As with any other hard thing, it becomes easier with practice. Try drawing from reference. Find a 3D model of a head, rotate it, and try to draw every rotation. It also helps to breakdown whatever you're drawing into simple shapes and forms (cubes, balls, cylinders, etc.)

Best of luck!
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Yess, I finally found you! I'm going to watch the hell out of your profile, these tutorials are a wonder, helped me so much and are to nicely explained! Thank you
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glad you enjoyed it!
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I love these tutorials keep them up :D they have helped me in many ways
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Thanks! I was actually thinking about this for quite some time and your advice gave me a new perspective on how to look at style. :happybounce: 
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This is awesome, good job! 
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thanks this is very helpful!
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Thaanx a lot for this!
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I needed to read this.  Thank you very much!
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