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Anywho, I'm thinking of making a "How to Make Your Art Look Nice" series about the subtle things that make drawings look awesome.

I see lots of people who are struggling with contrast so I hope this tutorial can guide them. This is my understanding on how contrast works in drawing.

Enjoy guys!

NEXT TUTORIAL: Color Harmony
PREVIOUS TUTORIAL: Flow and Rhythm in Lines
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Daaaamnn I needed this! Thank you sm! Also I love your kind of humour :meow:
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Please make an art guide book, most of them are all serious and hard to concentrate on. But this is by far the best explanation I've seen :)
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Ah I wish! Perhaps in the future! I feel like i can expand on this topic more to be honest!
gemmillw's avatar guilty, thanks for sharing this!
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Thank you for taking your time and creating all these nice tutorials for us, they're really helpful and inspiring :)
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It's a good way to review my knowledge. I am very glad to have shared them ^_^
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This is definitely something I have trouble with. Thanks for all of the tutorials you've made. They're helping me a lot. :D
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good to know ! you're very welcome :aww:
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Thank you so much for this! It's so useful and simple to understand! :D

But what do you mean when you said "it's not fair because I actually rendered it"?
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You're very welcome! Ah about that, I was just kidding how much i gave that drawing more love over the other two
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Thanks. You raised an issue I haven't thought about before.
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do you have a tutorial on how to start doing studies? they are really hard to make "look good" idk. It's easy for me to use a reference but to completely copy it and make it look decent... it's always been a problem for me. 
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Maybe I can just answer right here! I don't think I understand your question completely, but I'll try my best.

What did you mean "to make a study 'look good'"? Maybe you could use better reference? You should remember that the purpose of "making studies" is to study and learn. They are not made to impress, they are made for learning. Draw things you feel that you need to improve on. When I make studies, depending on the subject, I take a mental note on how colors/light/anatomy/materials are drawn. And you don't just do it once, you do it loads of times or the purpose of learning is rather lackluster. It is also good to take things one step at a time.

I hope this answered your question. And good luck!
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Thank you ! I completely understand now. But I feel like I shouldn't post it here if it isn't really eye catching like your studies are.
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Ah, if you're looking into eye catching studies, either you make studies from eye-catching references or throw in something interesting into the composition (like abstract things like I do lmao).
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okay so you're saying it's okay if I steal some ideas? LOOL
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haha if you know the limits in Intellectual Property Rights, sure
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But how about if we want our drawing to look soft of calm. Do we also need to use some strong contrast?
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Depends on where you want the eyes to go. Though this matter can also under lighting (like diffused lighting for soft lights and little sharp shadows). Just look at other drawings that convey a soft/calm effect
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This is beautiful. Bless.
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Yes! This is really useful!
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