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I've started this ages ago, I'll just finish this now before New Year

A lot of people ask me how I pick my colors. These are basically my rubrics when color picking.

I hope this helps anyone out there!

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great wealth of knowledge here, :) but you know where I realizes this guy really knows what he's talking about?
at the little line at the bottom where you said "these pictures aren't mind, please don't kill me."   I said to myself wow that guy's been around the block! ;)
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I just wanted to say you are a beautiful person and I love how you break down a complicated process into something that is simple.
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Thank you so much for the guide! ;;
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Thanks so much for putting this together for us!! Great tutorials!! ..I feel like I'm color challenged, lol but starting to really dig playing w them. I really love art that breaks the "rules" about what colors we see in life.. Thanks again for your tips! :meow: :heart: 
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Nice tips! I'm starting to finally get back into digital art and tackle colors, something I've always struggled with so far. This is a nice refresher of all the things in general I've read about colors here. I knew about the black and white test, but I still don't know how to use a digital art program to do that. Do you know where generally is the place to adjust to black and white? I'm using FireAlpaca, a software similar to PaintToolSai.
EDIT: Actually, wait I think I found it myself haha. But is this correct? When you're trying to test for the value range, adjust the saturation to 0%? Ah... I should refresh myself on the basics of those word's meanings again again. xD
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Yup you're on the right track! at 0% saturation you're left with greys, whites and blacks!
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Thanks a lot for this!
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whos the artist of the trees and couple? at the end?
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I answered this in a previous comment, I made a reverse image search and I didn't come up with the artist. This is the closest I can come up with:…
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What is the artist name or the name of the art work of the painting of two people walking in a path surrounded with trees
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Man I wish I can give you a proper answer. I did a reverse image search but I'm getting no names. Check it out here…
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thank you for this post
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My problem is that it is hard, often impossible for me to use red and orange.
This is because I litterally can't see differences between the two, so I am scared I think I might be using red but I am actually using orange.

Take the color wheel shown in this tutorial, for example.
The reds and orange shades are the same for me.
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Hey! Maybe you have some sort of colorblindness?
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You might need to get that checked with an eye doctor to confirm!
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Will probably do that. 
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Thanks for this post. :D
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What can we do with the different color pallets? (Complementary, tiradec  colours, etc)
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All colors convey a certain meaning (depending on culture). Stuff like yellow=joy, red=anger, green=envy, etc. You can use that to your advantage!
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Thanks for the tutorial! This is super helpful!
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Again mighty useful stuff.
Well done. Some good examples and a nice taste.

Thanks again for making and sharing.
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Now that someone actually explained to me how to use colors properly without so much technical words... It sounds easier to do... Well I better get practicing :P 
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