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i specialize in dcau and young justice screenshots and bases

all bases are free to use with credit!

commissions: CLOSED!

apparently these are pretty popular so why not make money off of them lol prices! poses! (note, if you have a base you'd like to use that you dont see just send it my way! this folder will continue to be updated) terms of service! - all commissions include sketch and color studies. i will send you at least 2 designs (unless picture inspirations are provided) and color options for each outfit and you are welcome to mix and match from all of them. i will also provide prices for each sketch as some sketches may be more or less detailed than the others - payment will be asked for when sketches have been confirmed - prices are non negotiable but 50% refunds are available until color studies have been confirmed - all unused designs from sketches i still own and have rights to - you may use my art for any other drawing or on any other website with credit.
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hey everyone! i wanna give a BIG thanks to everyone who's waiting on a comm or art trade from me! i know its taking quite a while but im so grateful for your patience! i can only draw at work, mainly cause i dont have a desk at my apartment, and work has been absolutely crazy! it happens every so often but hopefully it'll calm down soon enough thanks again!
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bro i’m so close to 1000 watchers!! when i get there, i’ll open up screenshot comms as a celebration!!
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hello @Autumnetta are you there and if so i will like to talk to you because I was wonderin if you could Digital Drawn my oc and his crossover gang vector groupshot in helluva boss/hazbin hotel style since I figured I would ask my friend:

My OC Malbozo The Clown is a demon clown and is the true caring father of Charlie Morningstar (Hazbin Hotel) and Mandy (Grim Tales From Down Below) (Leader) and Catwoman from Batman Returns as a Succubus (Second in Command and Current Lover) and Negaduck from Darkwing Duck is still the same (Psycho) and Rahzar from TMNT 2012 is still the same (Warrior) and Bowser from Mario as a Hellhound (Muscle and Magic User) and The Green Goblin from Sami Raimi's Spider-Man as A Tall Imp with Green Skin (Scientist and Eyes in The Sky and Demolitions) (before I forget the crossover gang is basically made up of villains who have died while fighting their respective heroes)

Inspired By Shredder's Foot Clan (IDW'S TMNT) and Team Megatron (Bayverse's Transformers) and The Sinister Six (ps4's Spider-Man) and Salem's Inner Circle (RWBY)

Batman Returns Catwoman PNG
NegaDuck 2017 render
Updated Green Goblin with mask (2)

This is random but could you consider putting the Superboy from Reign of the Supermen in some Young Justice fan art? I like to pretend he is part of that universe instead, he deserves a home that would be nicer to him...

Are you going to update some of your bases?

some of them, yes

Thanks for watching

hi can i uses base