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The evening hangs beneath the moon,
A silver thread on darkened dune,
With closing eyes and resting head,
I know that sleep is coming soon,
Upon my pillow safe in bed,
A thousand pictures fill my head,
I cannot sleep my mind's a-flight,
And yet my limbs seen made of lead,
If there are noises in the night,
A frightening shadow; flickering light,
Then I surrender unto sleep,
I surrender unto sleep,

~ Sleep composed by Eric Whitacre .::. lyrics by Charles Anthony Silvestri

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Inspired by a beautiful song and a beautiful friend of mine.
You can hear Sleep here (Highly Recommended): [link]
Model: Alycia
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She looks like Princess Merida from the Disney movie!! :happybounce:
LittleBlackGoddess's avatar
Wow, what a lovely art! :)
todie017's avatar
Great job with the freckles and skin, its FABULOUS! WELL DONE!
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SimpleMisguidedGhost's avatar
Beautiful. I love the attention to detail, and the freckles. The expression on her face, it looks so sad, but so determined, like even though she surrenders, she's still not giving up.

Spectacular job!
Spirit-Lily's avatar
I cannot make an intelligent comment. I'm too swept away by the beauty of this.
shridevi's avatar
like the soft touch to the face
Eliz-Crow's avatar
Hi there!
You've been featured here! [link]
Thank you for your beautiful art! :heart:
Jthegymnast's avatar
Incredibly well done, the detail is astonishing!
Shingure's avatar
So serene , I love the hair colour as well!
starburn's avatar
Finally, finally I found a picture to that song. The upper choir at my school sang it this (or was it last. >.>;) year, and I've been hunting it.

This is absolutely gorgeous. The mood fits perfectly with the song... I hope you won't mind me using this as a background. ^.^
cecipoogoesmoo's avatar
This is really pretty. Plus, I love the song. Our choir sang it last year for contest. I absolutely loved singing it. Such joyous harmony.
trisis's avatar
Ahhh I'm so jealous. It's my dream to sing that song.

Someday.... :shakefist:
LadyofCinema's avatar
I love the detail of her skin. Nice coloring job.

Death-By-Romance's avatar
I absolutely love Eric Whitacre and have sung this song. I'm quite emotionally attached to this one. and you've done a great job illustrating it. It's scary illustrating such good music because often it doesn't come out as well as you want it or if you think it's good other's don't, but you have done a great job!-Steve
Luna-Jaden's avatar
Beautiful. It looks really realistic!

I love the coloring.
Talon-sensei's avatar
*gasp* I know that poem! I sang the song version of it on Alto 1 for an audition. Strangely enough, if you sang it long enough in that low a key, it really DID put you to sleep!
sark's avatar
i love how you use freckles in your pictures, i've always envied people with them- i think they're the most beautiful thing on the planet. beautiful detail....wheeeeee
trisis's avatar
Ah, I totally agree! When I am drawing someone that I am trying to make particularly beautiful, I always add freckles. I especially love it when people have their shoulders sprayed with them- so lovely! :heart: My friend I used for this picture, obviously, has tons. I get green with envy every time she wears a sleeveless shirt. Heh.
Thank you so much for the comment! :hug:
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[choir geek] YESSSS! ERIC WHITACRE ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!! [/choir geek]
I tried drawing a picture to this song once and failed miserably. Thank you for doing such a gorgeous job!
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since my comment didnt appear last time due to computer malfunctions (stupidcomputer) i repeat my sentiments on the GREATNESS of this peice and offfer to those who are curious the REAL LIFE ALYCIA:

kiki-doodle's avatar
oh WOW! That face is just beautiful :o
MercuryFox22's avatar
This is beautiful! I absolutely love the hair, and her skin is beautiful, too! A lovely peice in every way I look at it... GREAT job!! :heart: :+fav:
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