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Viral Infection

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There are two types of people in this world: Those that love ReBoot, and those haven't watched ReBoot.

I only recently caught up with the fourth season, where the virus Daemon infects pretty much all of Mainframe, which includes acquiring Mouse, Dot, and AndrAIa as her personal worshiping slaves.
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lainwiththedevilHobbyist Traditional Artist
Any possibility of a chance we may ever get to see a hot dominatrix Hexadecimel with zonked out Bob grovelling at her feet in the future someday? ....Maybe?? Yes? Maybe? Huh? Huh? :D :D :D
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MezzberryProfessional Digital Artist
Ahh, finally, a more esoteric show from my childhood era that I actually watched ^^.  Man did I have a huuuuge crush on grownup AndrAIa :D

Very nice work here - AndrAIa and the rest look great, and it doesn't hurt that my best gal in the group is the one getting the personal treatment :-)
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The first line is so true XD
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Then repowered up Hex comes out of nowhere and beats daemon to a pulp. :iconhexadecimalplz: BWAHAHA
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"There are two types of people in this world: Those who love ReBoot, and those who haven't watched ReBoot."

Hah, this is soo true! Even though it's the first fully computer animated cartoon series ever made, it holds up *amazingly* well, because the writing was fantastic. I recently re-watched the entire series, and fell in love with it all over again.
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I always loved this show and it's always good to see some fan art of it. Infact I had a commission of something similar you might enjoy. [link]
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I remember that episode. That show never aired in my country. Found that episode in the web some time ago.
Wasn't impressed neither by the shows making nor plot etc., but that episode is just like a femdom, mindcontrol dream.
The highlighting of her feet, when she lands and touches the ground, the waves of force that emit from that spot and penetrate the victims bodies and minds, the dreamily faces when they sink to their knees and utter their words of love to their new mistress... great.
The way she generally acts, calm, kinda caring... gentle but undeniable dominance... wonderful.
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Huh I dont remember the lady on the far right... I must've not watched Reboot long enough ^^;
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She was in the fourth season.
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God I miss this show. But without Tony Jay it just wouldn't' be the same.
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He did the best Disney song of all time... "Hellfire!"
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So awesome. Not to mention one of the darkest Disney villains ever!
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