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Came by here because...

1 min read
My son's account was hacked.

Then I checked in on my account. Looks like all is good.

Then I noticed -- I haven't been by in 3 years or something like it... well I'd not written a journal since 2011. Most of my life is involving programming now and not so much art. I've also been teaching web design and development at Platt College and at USD. So I've been quite busy. But all's good.

See ya around DA folks!
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Life's Weird

1 min read
A couple weeks back I interviewed for a javascript tester position with Nelson Interactive. They are the new temp agency for SCEA and SOE. I just got a call from them yesterday to see if I'd be interested in temping my old job (Marketing Artist) for 4 months. LOL

I told them, "Sure -- but only if the job I just interviewed for (with a different company) doesn't pan out." I really hope the job I just interviewed for comes through! L-3/DP Assoc. looks like a great place to work and it is kind of in the same field as my dad's line of work. Again a weird connection, but cool.

Thing is I knew when SOE laid me off that they'd need someone in the marketing artist position, and while it took longer than I expected they are asking for that help again. Life's kind of funny.
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Yay for Art Theft... uh....

2 min read
If you post art on DA you might want to check this out.

I was informed by a kind soul that someone had taken my artwork without my permission and gave me a link:…

This is the note I wrote in the commentary:

Hey there - it seems you have posted my art here without permission.

These are the pieces I would like removed.……

I'll be checking to see if there are more. I'll also be informing all my watchers about this site so they can see if their pieces have been given the same treatment.

If I do not hear back from you on this soon and see the pieces are removed I will be doing my best to contact whomever is hosting my images that you are using on this site and telling them to remove them from their server.

It looks like the site does not post the comment immediately and probably waits for an admin to approve the comment. Still none the less it is there and they have been warned.

It is a rare day that my artwork gets stolen and I am thankful that I am either not talented enough or not popular enough to have to deal with this more often like some of the fantastic artists on DA have to do regularly.
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Thanks for the Birthday Wishes

2 min read
Hey All~

I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. It made my morning this morning :)

As you can probably see I've not been on DA much as of late. I thought I would be able to do more projects once I got out of school, but I've unfortunately not been all that inspired to do art. I'm going to try to do better this year with flash animations and maybe some paintings. I still haven't reinstalled poser to my computer system and part of it is that I know it is just gonna be a huge pain and another part of it is that I see the amazing things other people are doing with poser and I feel like I just can't compete any more or that I've gone as far as I and my machine can go with poser. Well to heck with that. That all doesn't matter right? What matters is that I make a piece of art that makes me happy and that you guys enjoy :).
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Now With Renewed Optimisim

7 min read

Friday I was a bit depressed. I had just learned I was going to essentially lose my job at SOE. Maybe I'd be doing some contract work, but the regular 20 hours a week was going to go away since essentially SOE was going to take a different direction with Free Realms and the work I'd been doing for them.

Over the weekend its given me time to think. While I enjoyed the work, I wasn't really challenged by the majority of it except in ways to figure out how I could do it more efficiently or better. And while yes, that is challenging in itself -- I knew there would come a point where the improvements would be minimal and efficiency was maximized. I got really good at being rather efficient in photoshop and while this is not a bad thing it has given me the opportunity to really reflect on what I want and think about what I need to do in order to get there.

I had two career ideas that I wanted to do when I left school and both were somewhat discouraged by those around me for the reason of: "The competition in this area is fierce" and yeah instead of believing in myself, I hesitated.

I took a different path that I thought I could live with and was encouraged to pursue. And while I can live with it and maybe even enjoy it, I don't think that I can really achieve it and it doesn't make me as passionate or as enthusiastic. If I am going to pursue a path -- it should be the one I want to achieve. The last path I chose to pursue took me a while -- but I did it. I became an internet professional with no schooling (back in 1999) and now that I have schooling I should be able to go for the niche work in that field that I would enjoy the most.

Maybe I won't get there right now -- but the goal I know is achievable and if I'm in it for the long haul... I know that eventually -- I will make it. After all I can do anything I set my mind to, I just have to believe.

As one of my dear friends described me: half and half. I'm half bold, half afraid. And did she nail it on the head. Well, I am tired of being afraid. It is time for me to do what that Henry David Thoreau quote that I kept on my desk for so many years (starting at the time I owned my bookstore) that said: "If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."

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