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So the comic had to be put on the back burner for the last year or longer. School was a little more important and I found that I just didn't have enough time for everything. I haven't really been drawing much either. I really miss it. So, now that school is just about done I plan on getting Pyraliss right back on track. I also may start some new projects (it really depends on how far I can get with Pyraliss which I'm making a top priority).

And that concludes my mini-announcement. I'd like to have some new stuff to put up on here. I may scan some sketches and drawings I've whipped up recently. Keep an eye out for it.
My 2yr old mali uromastyx is severely sick. She has kidney failures and an infection. We're doing some treatments but the outlook isn't good. Please wish us luck! She's too sweet and young to go through this.
Please visit my webcomic:

My fantasy webcomic, Pyraliss, will be back online on MONDAY MAY 11(!!) and with a brand new look! :D Please come take a look, comment, or just join the community at Pyraliss! Looking forward to your readership.


EDIT: The Pyraliss forums on now officially running! Check it out here!